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Adult Learner Video Blogs

Want an inside look at the lives of some fellow adult learners? Watch these student-made videos to learn more about these hardworking students.

If you or someone you know would like to star in a video blog, remember to fill out the Voices Survey form for consideration.


A proud veteran of the U.S. Army, studying Engineering

Married, with three children, Christine had always intended on getting a college degree, but as she says "life got in the way." While stationed at Penn State she got connected with Adult Learner Programs who not only helped with getting her acclimated to college life but encouraged her to think about studying abroad. Watch and see where Christine's journey takes her.

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Secondary Education (class of 2009)

Meet Chad who is married with two kids, and how he found time to learn more about his chosen vocation through an internship abroad. Chad has successfully learned how to effectively reach and teach the youth of today and leaders of tomorrow by utilizing his campus resources. As a senior in the College of Education, Chad spent his last semester abroad as a student teacher. Watch as he teaches, but also learns about other cultures and what it feels like to be away from his wife and two children. Aspiring teachers can enrich their experience at Penn State and gather research to share in their classrooms by spending a semester teaching abroad.

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Karen H.

International Politics (class of 2008)

Meet Karen H. a 32 year old adult learner at Penn State. She can remember her Penn State Pride as early as 14 growing up in Wyoming. Having lost both parents, she thought college was just a dream. It has been several years in the making but she loves her Penn State experience. Inspired by her freshman seminar class and propelled by her thirst for International Politics, Karen has taken advantage of Education Abroad. "Riding camels, touching the ancient pyramids, sailing the Nile and embracing the Egyptian people, it was a dream come true and I am changed forever."

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Karen Q

Communications (class of 2007)

Meet Karen Q, and see how this wife and mother of three gets through the daily grind and graduates with honors. "I did it, you CAN too."

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