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Student Affairs Research and Assessment (SARA) provides leadership and service to the Penn State Student Affairs in the areas of assessment, learning outcomes, educational programming, and strategic planning. SARA collects and disseminates data about Penn State students, their experiences and learning, and their perceptions of the campus environment. SARA enhances students' educational experiences through the design, implementation, and evaluation of programs that support the University's Cocurricular Learning Outcomes.


We aspire to become an invaluable resource for Student Affairs staff to improve our educational programs through teaching, creating meaningful learning outcomes, and determining appropriate assessment strategies. Further, we strive to continually improve the student experience by supplying high-quality data that informs decisions and demonstrates the contributions of Student Affairs to the mission of the University.

Meet the Staff

Adam Christensen, Director and Senior Analyst

124 Boucke


Photo of Director Adam Christensen

Deborah Lee, Assistant Director

123 Boucke


Photo of Assistant Director Deborah Lee

Margaret Cook, Administrative Support Assistant

120 Boucke


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Kirsten Hochstedt, Graduate Assistant

122 Boucke


Photo of Grad Assistant Kirsten Hochstedt

Kyesha Isadore, Graduate Assistant

122 Boucke


Photo of Grad Assistant Kyesha Isadore

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