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National Survey of Student Engagement

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About the National Survey for Student Engagement (NSSE)

NSSE, an auxiliary unit of the Center for Postsecondary Research at Indiana University, annually collects information at four-year colleges and universities about student participation in educational and cocurricular programs and activities. NSSE documents dimensions of quality in undergraduate education and provides information and assistance to colleges, universities, and other organizations to improve student learning. Its primary activity is annually surveying college students to assess the extent to which they engage in educational practices associated with high levels of learning and development.

NSSE results are diagnostic and help institutions look holistically at the undergraduate experience. They help institutions pinpoint aspects that are not in line with the mission or with what institutions expect. While helping institutions identify strengths and weaknesses in educational programs, the findings also help institutions know what to focus on to improve student learning and success both inside and outside of the classroom.

Penn State NSSE Administrations

In a partnership between Student Affairs, Undergraduate Education, and the Commonwealth Campuses, Penn State participated in NSSE in the Spring 2008 and Spring 2011 semesters. All first-year and graduating senior bachelor-degree students at Abington, Altoona, Berks, Behrend, Brandywine, Harrisburg, University Park, Worthington-Scranton, and York campuses were invited to complete the survey.

The data gathered from the NSSE administrations was used by the University to:

2011 NSSE Documents

The following is a list of reports generated based on the 2011 NSSE. To request a digital copy, please contact Student Affairs Research and Assessment (SARA) staff at or 814-863-1809.

University Park Reports

NSSE Administrative Overview – UP 2011

NSSE Executive Summary – UP 2011

NSSE Select Indicators – UP 2011

NSSE Diversity and Climate – UP 2011

NSSE High-Impact Practices – UP 2011

NSSE Student Engagement and Residence Life – UP 2011

“The Student Experience in Brief” Reports by Campus

Abington 2011

Altoona 2011

Behrend (Erie) 2011

Berks 2011

Brandywine 2011

Fayette 2011

Harrisburg 2011

University Park 2011

Worthington Scranton 2011

York 2011

2008 NSSE Documents

Please contact Student Affairs Research and Assessment (SARA) staff at or 814-863-1809 to request more information about this survey.

Contact Student Affairs Research and Assessment | 120 Boucke Building | 814.863.1809