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The Penn State Student Satisfaction Survey

The Penn State Student Satisfaction survey is an ongoing effort to obtain feedback from undergraduate students across the University in a systematic way. Understanding students' experiences and satisfaction is important in our efforts to enrich the student experience and to make Penn State a more student-centered university. This effort provides the University with an overview and serves as a diagnostic tool to make improvements to our programs and services.

2010 Student Satisfaction

Findings from the 2010 Penn State Student Satisfaction survey have been released and the news is largely positive. The Student Satisfaction survey is a system-wide triennial survey of full-time undergraduate students. Questions focus on level of academic engagement and on satisfaction with experiences, opportunities, and student services. In general, Penn State students reported high levels of satisfaction with their academic and cocurricular opportunities and with student services at their campuses. Ninety-two percent of respondents indicate they would choose to attend Penn State if starting college again and ninety percent expressed satisfaction with their formal academic experiences. While there were some small differences in the levels of satisfaction and academic engagement between University Park and the Commonwealth campus students, the level of satisfaction reported by Penn State students on most measures increased or remained steady in 2010.

Student Satisfaction Pulse Reports are listed below if you wish to view or download any report scroll to the bottom of this page and wait for the BOX widget to load. Instructions on how to use the BOX Widget You may also access and browse all reports on BOX's Pulse Report page. To review information on the assessment in an alternate format email or call 814.863.1809.

Student Satisfaction Reports

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