Education Job Search for Undergraduate Students

To help you understand how these various steps in the job search process fit together, an Education Job Search Timeline is provided below. The dates provided are not set in stone. They will simply give you some guidelines for planning your job search. Steps to certification are not included here.


            1. Gather resources related to the job search process.

              a. AAEE Annual/The Job Search Handbook for Educators is available in 105 Bank of America Career Services Center.

              b. Career Services Handouts: Resume Writing, Interviewing Skills, Letters for the Job Search Process
            2. Visit Drop-In at 105 Bank of America Career Services Center and perhaps schedule an appointment and meet with a counselor.
            3. Ask for Letters of Reference
            4. Complete Education Credentials form online to establish credentials file if it was not set up during your e-Credentials session the semester before student teaching.

December Graduates                           May/August Graduates

                    October                                                                                               February

  1. Check school district’s websites for applications and information about each district.
  2. Prepare resumes and cover letters.

                   November                                                                                            March

  1. Send resumes, cover letters, and completed applications to districts in which you would like to teach/substitute.
  2. Respond to vacancy announcements.

                   December                                                                                      April/Early May

  1. Continue to send resumes, cover letters, and applications to school districts in response to vacancy announcements and to targeted school districts.
  2. Begin preparing for interviews. Rehearse with friends, family, and/or a Career Services counselor.

**Graduation: Student-teaching evaluations forwarded to ECS. Remember to add your transcript to your e-Credentials file! **

                 January                                                                                                   Late May

  1. Verify completeness of e Credentials file online.
  2. Submit requests through the e Credentials system to forward credentials file to districts in which you have applied for teaching/substituting positions. For some districts, having your resume, cover letter, and application is sufficient until they want to conduct interviews. However, some might appreciate the file from the start. When in doubt, check the school district website for details on their application process and ask what their preference is (and if there are any open positions).
  3. Forward any additional materials that your school districts have requested.
  4. Confirm with districts that your application materials are complete.
  5. Begin teaching/substituting!


  1. Continue the process throughout the spring until you get a job.
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