Life After College

Congratulations, graduate! You’ve learned a tremendous amount of important information in the last four (or 5, or more) years & now you’re ready to join the real world. Sort of. NOW is the time to educate yourself on managing your new salary, your new career, & new life. The resources below will help you get started.

Career Library Resources

BA.1 A Car, Some Cash, & a Place to Crash – Chap. 3 covers cars – from selection to care

BA.2 Backpack To Briefcase Step To A Successful Career – Handling Work Related- Challenges chapter shows how to handle reprimands

BA.6 Life After School. Explained – Seminar 4 answers the retirement plan & tax questions

BA.7 Creating You & Co. – career management for life

BA.8 They Don’t Teach Corporate in College – navigating your career in corporate America

BA.11 Dorm Rooms to Boardrooms – Chap. Thoroughly explains office politics

BA.14 The Guide to Life After College – Chap. 5 explains investing & health care plans

BA.15 No More Ramen – Chap. 7 clarifies many of the money issues of new grads

Other Print Resources:

The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous & Broke / Suze Orman – learn how to manage your new salary

You're So Money: Live Rich, Even When You're Not / Farnoosh Torabi – advice from a PSU alum, available for checkout at PSU Libraries HG179.T67 2008

Online Resources

PSU Cashcourse

Federal Student Aid


Education Cents

Kiplinger Basics

Young Money

Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO credit scores)

Annual Credit Report


Cost of Living

National Foundation for Credit Counseling

Money Management International

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