Networking for the Job Search

Who’s in your network? Think you don’t have one? Well, you do! You are a networking machine & you don’t even realize it! Every day, you make connections to other people: each time you make a friend, call your parents, or even use Facebook, you are unwittingly expanding or strengthening your network. Now is the time to use those innate networking skills in your job search.

Networking Basics

Networking isn’t disingenuous “schmoozing”; it’s making genuine connections to people. The following show exactly what networking is & how to get started.

IS.06 Information Interviewing: How to Tap Your Hidden Job Market
– This features confidence-building exercises, sample letters/interview questions, & telephone scripts.

IV.01 Informational Interviewing and Networking
– Need to see how it’s done? This DVD shows you.

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In-Depth Networking

If you’re already comfortable making initial connections, but are not sure how to follow through, these resources can help you.

BL.23 Networking for Job & Career Success
–Covers how to organize your contacts, how to track down contacts in any field, plus end-of-chapter summaries

BL.36 The Networking Survival Guide
– This quick guide gives advice on best practices & how to grow your network

BL.57 Make Your Contacts Count
– Features “25 Tactics to Find a Job Fast” resources

Creative Networking

Would you like to expand your network even further? Put your entrepreneurial spirit to work by making your social networking sites into CAREER networking sites. Update your profiles to reflect your professional goals & reach out to others who may help you achieve them.

BL.25 How to Find a Job on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter…
– Learn how to turn social networking into professional networking

BL.26 Guerilla Marketing for Job Hunters: 400 Unconventional…
– Step-by-step guide to selfmarketing for job search success

Using LinkedIn for Job Search

Personal Branding Advice for College Students