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Join the Penn State Career Connection – a LinkedIn Group focused specifically on
connecting Penn State students with employers regarding career-specific issues. You
will be able to engage in a discussion with a wide range of employers on general career
topics such as resume writing, interviewing, job search strategies, workplace trends, and
employment/recruiting trends. You will also have the opportunity to join a subgroup(s)
most relevant to your career interests (e.g., communications, counseling, engineering,
etc.). As a member of a career-specific sub-group, you can participate in group
discussions, read posted articles, and discuss opportunities with employers in your
chosen career field. You will also be able to interact individually with employers to (a)
become aware of job/internship opportunities at their organization and/or (b) receive
career advice and information related to your career field.

Following are more concrete benefits of joining the Penn State Career Connection:

To join the Penn State Career Connection Linked-in Group, first create your LinkedIn
account at Then search for Penn State Career Connection under
the “Groups Directory” tab within the “Groups” section of Linked-in. Note: Linked-in is
one of the most widely-used online professional networking sites containing close to 50
million members.

We encourage you to consider joining the Penn State Career Connection. It’s a
convenient way to connect with employers and broaden your network of contacts! Feel
free to email us with any questions you might have.



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