Personal Statements

If you’re planning to attend graduate or professional school, you’ll need to write a personal statement. A personal statement is a brief 1-2 page essay about who you are, what your professional and/or personal goals are, and how furthering your education will help you attain your goals. Sometimes schools will give you specific guidelines, but the purpose of the essay is still the same, no matter the school: “convince us why you should be in our program.” The resources below can help you craft effective personal statements.

Career Library Books


ED.04 Perfect Personal Statements / Mark Alan Stewart

ED.17 & 17a Graduate Admissions Essays / Donald Asher

ED.79 How to Write a Winning Personal Statement / Richard Stelzer

Business School

ED.36 Great Application Essays for Business School / Paul Bodine

ED.14 Business School Admissions Adviser / Kaplan

Sciences / Engineering & Veterinary School

ED.64 Writing Personal Statements & Scholarship Application Essays / Joe Schall

ED.66 Get Into Veterinary School / Joseph M. Piekunka

Medical & Law School

ED.13 The Pfizer Medical School Manual / Mike Magee

ED.56 Medical School Admissions Advisor / Kaplan

ED.57 Law School Admissions Advisor / Kaplan

Online Resources

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