Careers For Writers

Are you a creative, natural-born storyteller? Can you distill lots of complex information down to its essence so anyone can understand? If you have a talent for conveying thoughts and ideas to others, a career in writing may be for you. Writers work in every area, from creative to science & technical fields.



Career Library Resources

8.10 Career Opportunities for Writers

8.33 Writer’s Market –VERY IMPORTANT RESOURCE! Listings from thousands of publishers from many different markets with details on what they want to buy/publish, how to contact them with your work.

8.18 Careers in Focus: Writing

11.24 I’m an English Major – Now What?


Associations & Sites

Association of Writers & Writing Programs

Writers Guild of America (East)

National Writers Union


Science, Medical, & Technical Writing

Career Library Resources

8.23 Opportunities in Technical Writing Careers

8.09 The Tech Writer’s Survival Guide


Associations & Sites

Science Magazine

National Association of Science Writers

Center for the Advancement of Science Writing

American Medical Writers Association

Society for Technical Communication


Travel Writing & Freelance Writing

Career Library Resources

9.10 Careers for Travel Buffs & Other Restless Types

9.12 Jobs for Travel Lovers

8.15 Careers for Writers & Others Who Have a Way with Words


Associations & Sites

International Food, Wine, & Travel Writers Assoc.

Transitions Abroad

Editorial Freelancers Association

Freelance Writing


Creative, Film, & Television

Career Library Resources

8.26 Careers in Focus: Broadcasting

8.07 Opportunities in Television & Video Careers

2.30 Career Opportunities in the Film Industry

Vault Guide to Screenwriting Careers


Associations & Sites

American Film Institute

Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Association

Screenwriters Federation of America

Writers Guild of America (West)

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