eCredential Instructions for Alumni


Step #1 - Accessing the System

Step #2 - Personal Data Form

Update & complete Personal Data form upon eCredentials account approval. This needs to be completed before using the eCredentials service.

Step #3 - Requesting a Recommender

Things to remember:

Step #4 - Viewing Uploaded Recommendations

Things to remember:


Step #5 - Adding Additional Documents to your Account


Step #6 - Creating Orders

  • Select “Orders” tab
  • Select [Add New]
  • Select Recommendations and additional documents you want to include in your order
  • Select Delivery Method
  • Provide required information
  • Submit Order for ECS to send


Step #7 - Invoicing & Payment for Orders

You will receive an email with instructions on how to pay your invoice for your order. The invoice will be attached. Order will be sent as per your instructions.

Step #8 - Reviewing Orders

  • Select “Orders” tab
  • Select Review to view order request



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