Recruiting at Penn State

On-Campus Interviewing

On-campus interviewing allows you to recruit high caliber students from a variety of disciplines in one visit. Opportunities to conduct interviews for full-time positions, and internships at our state-of-the-art Interview Center are available in the fall and spring semesters. To reserve interviewing space, please contact our office, 814-863-0225.

At Penn State, we use a “pre-select” system in which you choose candidates to interview from among those students who request interviews in response to your job posting. Students selected by you then schedule a specific interview time during your visit to Penn State.

We typically need approximately four weeks to complete this process. As such, this service is generally best suited for employers with long-term anticipated needs. We can accommodate those employers who are trying to fill an opening quickly or who are presented with last minute recruiting needs by modifying our standard time frame when necessary. We suggest that you contact the Recruiting Office to discuss these opportunities.

Contact Recruiting and Employer Relations at 814-863-0225 to set up a recruiting visit or request a visit  on-line through Nittany Lion Career Network. Go to, and click on the Nittany Lion Career Network logo.

Please note: Career Services provides on-campus interviewing services for full-time positions in all fields. Internships and co-operative education opportunities are coordinated through the academic colleges. The following are contacts for the various programs. If you are looking for another college not listed, please contact our office.

Smeal College of Business Internship Program—Undergraduate and MBA
Krista White, 814-865-3244 or

Engineering Co-operative Education & Internship Programs
Kim Fox, 814-863-1032 or

IST Internship Program
Zoe Meyer, 814-863-9484 or

Eberly College of Science Co-operative Education
Jamie Corman, 814-865-5000 or

Liberal Arts Career Enrichment Program
Diane Bucha, 814-865-1070 or


Plan Your Visit


You must make reservations directly with the accommodation of your choice. Visit the Centre County Visitor’s Bureau website for a list of contact information for local hotels and motels.


Parking is at a premium at Penn State. The Bank of America Career Services Center is located adjacent to the Eisenhower Parking Deck, offering convenient parking free of charge to all recruiters. You must pick up a parking pass from the first floor receptionist at the Bank of America Career Services Center.

Recruiting Literature

Our Employment Resources room houses employer literature for those organizations conducting interviews at University Park. We ask that you send one copy of your recruiting materials to place in our permanent files. We cannot store handout literature for your information sessions, nor are we able to accept general handout literature.

Send literature to our Career Library Assistant at 113 Bank of America Career Services Center,
University Park, PA 16802.


Promoting Your Visit

You have several opportunities to promote your visit to students:

• You may wish to advertise your visit via our student newspaper, The Daily Collegian. They can be reached at 814-865-2531.

• Information on your organization, opportunities, and college relations activities can be presented to students through the Penn State Career Guide, our primary career search guide for all Penn State seniors. To include your advertisement, please contact Career Services Career Information Management at 814-865-2377 or

• At the beginning of each semester, Career Services produces The Career Planning News, a tabloid insert for The Daily Collegian. This insert, which includes information on programs and services, is published during the first week of classes but utilized throughout the semester. Your advertisement in this publication would be seen by thousands of students specifically looking for career information. Contact us at 814-865-2377 for advertising rates and opportunities.


Information Sessions

Many employers plan information sessions, often for the evening before their interview date. Whether seeking to generate general interest in your organization or targeting a specific group of students, you will find a variety of meeting facilities on and near the Penn State University Park campus.

To reserve facilities at the University Park campus, contact our recruiting assistant at 814-863-0225. We will be happy to arrange for the use of a classroom on-campus. If you would like to use a different facility, such as a local hotel, you must make your own arrangements.

Once the facilities have been reserved, you will be responsible for reserving audio-visual equipment and/or arranging for catering for your information session. It is important that you complete arrangements well in advance of your session.

To reserve Audio/Visual equipment:
• For assistance in the Willard Building only, please call 814-865-2788.
• For reservations in buildings other than those listed above, please call Media and Technology Support Services for assistance at 814-865-5400.

Academic classrooms are equipped with an overhead projector and screen. For any additional equipment or service, there will be an accompanying fee.

University policy prohibits food in academic classrooms. You are NOT permitted to serve food or drinks in the classroom booked for your information session. Also, Campus Catering will no longer provide catering services for information sessions.


Your Interview Day

Parking is at a premium so you should plan to arrive at the Interview Center at least 30 minutes prior to your first interview. Directions/maps and parking information can be downloaded prior to your visit from

All interviews are conducted in the Interview Center, located on the second floor of the Bank of America Career Services Center. On the day of your on-campus interviews, you should arrive at the Interview Center at least 15-20 minutes before your first scheduled interview.

Complimentary hot beverages will be available to you during the day in the interview center. Telephones for out-going local calls are available in each interview room.

Wireless connection to the Internet is available in the Interview Center. When you check in to pick up your schedule, please ask the receptionist for the current password to access the wireless connection.

There is a café in the Bank of America Career Services Center with breakfast and lunch items for sale. The café accepts cash, VISA, and MasterCard. If you prefer you can visit any of the nearby dining establishments at Penn State and in State College.

Your interviews at Career Services should conclude by 4:45 p.m. Access to the Career Services Center is limited before 7:30 a.m. and after 5:00 p.m.


Citizenship Requirements

In compliance with the provision of the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA), interview appointments will be made available to interested students who are authorized to work full-time in the United States regardless of their citizenship status, unless U.S. citizenship is legally required. If citizenship is legally required for your company, please indicate this as such on your job posting.


Video Interviewing

The Pennsylvania State University consists of many campuses across the state offering baccalaureate degrees. Some of the students requesting interviews may be studying at one of those campuses. Our goal is to make it as easy to interview students from any Penn State campus as it is to interview students at University Park. To meet this goal each Career Services utilizes internet-based videoconferencing technology to conduct video-interviews. If you select students from a campus other than University Park, you may be using this with videoconferencing technology to conduct interviews. You will be notified upon arrival at the Interview Center of any video-interviews you may be conducting during your visit and will be instructed on the use of the system by our Interview Center Assistant.

If you are interested in utilizing videoconferencing technology to interview students here at University Park from your office, we will work with you to accommodate your needs. We have recently dedicated a room, and purchased equipment to accommodate your video interviewing requests. Contact our Interview Center Receptionist at 814-865-4400 to make arrangements for these services.


Testing Accommodations

Career Services’ Interview Center facilities are to be used by employers primarily for the purpose of interviewing students or alumni from Penn State. Space permitting, we will schedule a room at the Interview Center for testing. If no space is available, we will schedule academic classrooms on campus for pre-employment testing. If other facilities (i.e. rooms at an off-campus facility) are necessary, employers must make their own arrangements. All employers administering pre-employment tests during a recruiting visit must complete a document specifying the test(s) to be administered and releasing Penn State University’s Career Services of any and all liability associated with pre-employment testing.


Hiring and Salary Information

It is essential that Career Services receive and maintain accurate information relating to the numbers and starting salaries of newly hired Penn State students. Employers are asked to notify the Associate Director of Recruiting and Employer Relations with this information at the end of each recruiting/hiring cycle or as hiring decisions are made. Individual student records will be kept confidential, and this information will be used primarily for aggregate statistical analyses and reports.

If you are interested in learning about average starting salaries for Penn State graduates, visit our Post Grad Activity section at


Other Recruiting Opportunities

Career Fairs

Career Fairs can increase your visibility and help you source candidates at the same time. Be there, even if you are not hiring, to reinforce who you are. Be willing to answer questions of students who are “just looking,” or first- or second-year students seeking career information. Remember that they are the candidates of the future, as well as potential customers.

The following career days are available to employers through Career Services:

          Fall Career Days—TBA, 2016
          Spring Career Days—February 9-10, 2016

For information on these career days, please visit our employer registration pages at or contact our Programming Office at 814-865-5131.

Some academic colleges and departments also run career days throughout the year. Please call our office to determine the fair or fairs that may be appropriate for your needs or refer to the Directory of University Personnel for contact information for the various colleges and academic departments.

Job Postings

If coming to campus to interview is not possible, you can post your positions to Penn State students through Nittany Lion Career Network. This on-line job listing service, powered by Symplicity, is available to all Penn State students and alumni at all locations. Jobs posted to Penn State University will be free of charge. Please note that your job will be available to students and alumni from ALL Penn State campuses through this system.

First time users, go to and click on Nittany Lion Career Network. Select the log-in link under the Employers section. After your request for an account has been processed, you can begin to enter your jobs, search and view candidate resumes, and track candidates on-line.

Successful Recruiting at Penn State

The Career Services staff is here to help you make your recruiting trip a successful one. We can help you with the following:

  • Make the faculty, staff, and student organization connections you need
  • Provide an overview on the students and the academic programs at our campus
  • Help you understand, and navigate the complex nature of the University and its offices
  • Advise you on recruiting activities that may work for you
  • Review your advertising plans for clarity, accuracy, and timeliness
  • Offer insight into developing successful information sessions
  • Help you learn about and prepare for the many career fairs and related activities on campus
  • Manage your visit so that you can make the most effective use of your time.

Penn State graduates have that rare combination of academic excellence and a strong work ethic. Couple this with outstanding career preparation, and you will see why Penn State graduates are the right people with the right skills for the workforce of the 21st century. Working together, we can make your visit a productive one. Contact the Associate Director for Recruiting and Employer Relations at 814-863-0225 to set up a meeting.

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