Penn State Fall Career Days | FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Prepare Yourself

    1. Got 30 minutes? - Get Prepared!
    2. Why attend when I can just apply on-line?
    3. What should I say when I meet recruiters?
    4. What are some tips for international students?
    5. Who should attend Fall Career Days?
    6. Can alums and non-Penn State students attend the fair?
    7. What day should I attend?
    8. What is a 30-second introduction?
    9. How do I get maps of the Bryce Jordan Center?
    10. Who can review my resume?
    11. What are some tips for success?
    12. How do I volunteer at Fall Career Days?

During the Fair

    1. Where can I see which employers are coming?
    2. What to bring? What to wear?
    3. Where do I park?
    4. Why attend when I can just apply online?
    5. What should I expect at the fair?
    6. What is Cooperative Education?
    7. What are Internships? How Can I Find One?
    8. I am seeking a full-time Job. What do I do?
    9. What do I say to recruiters?

After the Fair

    1. I am seeking a Full-time Job. What do I do?
    2. Fall Career Days - It's only the beginning of the job search!

Career Fair Questions: | 814-865-5131