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Post Graduation Activities
for Spring 2013

This information is compiled primarily for Penn State Career Services staff, university and college administrators, academic and admissions advisors, and faculty/staff whose work impacts students, parents, and employers.

Graduates from all campuses at all degree levels were surveyed from data provided by the Penn State Office of the University Registrar. This included names of students who were approved to graduate. The data was gathered from a questionnaire sent via email to May 2013 graduates. Graduates were surveyed at the time of graduation and re-surveyed three months after graduation.

Eleven thousand four hundred twenty-one (11,421) graduates were sent invitations via electronic mail to respond to this web-based questionnaire. Usable returns were received from 3,682 respondents for an overall response rate of approximately 32.23%.

Post-Graduation Goals of
Penn State Graduates by Degree

Post Graduate Goals of Penn State Graduates by Degree
Associate, Employment: 49%
Associate, Further Education: 23%
Associate, Other: 28%
Bachelors, Employment: 74%
Bachelors, Further Education: 13%
Bachelors, Other: 6%
Masters, Employment: 77%
Masters, Further Education: 13%
Masters, Other: 9%
Doctoral, Employment: 88%
Doctoral, Further Education: 0%
Doctoral, Other: 12%
Professional, Employment: 77%
Professional, Further Education: 5%
Professional, Other: 17%

Status of Respondents whose Primary
Post-Graduation Goal is "Employment"

Status of Resopndents whose Primary Post-Graduate Goal is Employment
Associate, Full-Time Employment: 74%
Associate, Still Seeking: 26%
Bachelors, Full-Time Employment: 69%
Bachelors, Still Seeking: 31%
Masters, Full-Time Employment: 77%
Masters, Still Seeking: 23%
Doctoral, Full-Time Employment: 80%
Doctoral, Still Seeking: 20%
Professional, Full-Time Employment: 73%
Professional, Still Seeking: 27%

Average Starting Salaries for
Penn State Graduates by Degree Level

Average Starting Salaries for Penn State Graduates by Degree Level
Associate: $49,396.50
Bachelors: $57,351.83
Master: $72,052.25
Doctoral:  $76,722.96
Professional: $62,414.20

Top Ten US States/Locations of
Employed Penn State Graduates

Top Ten US States and Locations of Employed Penn State Graduates
Pennsylvania: 42%
New York: 11%
New Jersey: 6%
Virginia: 5%
Maryland: 5%
Texas: 4%
District of Columbia: 2%
California: 2%
Massachusetts: 2%
Connecticut: 2%

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