Mock Interview Program

Undergraduate and graduate students can participate
Faculty and Staff: Career Services is not able to accommodate mock interviews assigned as requirements for classes. Please refrain from making these assignments in your a video-recorded mock interview to practice skills and receive feedback in our in-house studio. Career Services provides scheduled times during which students can have practice interviews.

Make an Appointment

Appointments are one hour in length and are available for graduate/professional school interviews as well as job interviews in business, industry, the not-for-profit
sector, and education.

Prepare for Your Mock Interview

Dress Appropriately

Read more:
Dress for Success

Even though this is a practice interview, it is expected that you will dress appropriately. Review the guidelines in the Interviewing section of the website.

Participate in the Feedback Session


When you request an interview, a commitment is made by both you and the interviewer to be there, and responsibility is shared by both parties. Failure to appear for a “real” interview is not acceptable behavior and will in fact lead to rejection as a candidate for employment. If you are unable to make your scheduled appointment, please call the office at (814) 865-2377 to cancel or reschedule.

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