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Contesting a Charge or Sanction

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If, at the conclusion of a discipline conference, the student believes that he or she is not responsible for one or more of the University charges issued, the student may contest the charge(s) and request a hearing. Likewise, if the student believes that one or more of the sanctions that were assigned are not justified by the nature of the violation or are not within the guidelines of the University for the charge, the student may contest the sanction and request a sanction review.

Requesting a Hearing

A student denies responsibility for the charges that were assigned to him or her by the case manager in the discipline conference, he or she may contest the charges and request a hearing. If the administrative sanction was Disciplinary Suspension or higher, a University Conduct Board Hearing (UCB) is arranged. A UCB board is made up of five individuals, including staff, faculty, and students. The UCB will hear relevant information and determine if a violation of the Code of Conduct has occured. If the student is found responsible, the UCB will assign appropriate sanctions. If the administrative sanction assigned in the discipline conference is lower than suspension, an Administrative Hearing is arranged. This means that a single hearing officer, who is a trained staff or faculty member, will conduct the hearing.

Requesting a Sanction Review

When a student accepts responsibility for the Code of Conduct violation(s) in a disciplinary conference, but contests the sanction(s) assigned by the case manager, the student may request that the assigned sanction be reviewed. The Sanction Review will ordinarily be a review of the written record of the case, unless otherwise determined by the person reviewing the sanction. The student will compose a written explanation of the rationale for contesting the sanction and will submit this statement to the Office of Student Conduct case manager. The statement, as well as a memo from the case manager, will be forwarded with the student’s file to the sanction reviewer. The sanction reviewer has the ability to sustain or modify the sanctions. The student is then notified by the case manager once a decision has been reached.

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