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Former Clients as Trainees Policy

Occasionally, students who either have been in treatment at CAPS in the past or who may be seeking treatment at CAPS may have interest in a clinical training opportunity at CAPS at some point in time. Due to the potential complication of multiple relationships and the way in which all senior staff potentially may end up in supervisory and evaluative roles with trainees, CAPS has established the following policies to prevent the possibility of unnecessary dual relationships (client and trainee) and to address situations where a former client is seeking a training position at CAPS. The CAPS training committee and all staff members will abide by the strictest ethical guidelines to maintain confidentiality for former clients and to mitigate any potential harm.



1.) Since CAPS is a potential training site for clinical psychology graduate students at Penn State, any students from that program seeking CAPS services will be strongly discouraged from seeking therapy services at CAPS. We will
offer Case Management services to help these students connect with counselors in private practice in the community if needed.

2.) Staff clinicians who also have private practices are strongly discouraged from seeing students in the clinical psychology program as they may wish to receive training at CAPS in the future and the complications of dual relationships would be similar to those noted above.


1.) Students who received counseling services at CAPS and now have a wish to receive training at CAPS as a clinician will not be considered for a training position (e.g., Practicum, Graduate Assistant, or Intern) until a period of 3 years has elapsed since their last clinical contact.

2.) Students who received counseling services at CAPS more than 3 years ago and who are interested in a training opportunity will submit their materials for the desired position. A committee of three senior staff members, headed by the Associate Director, Training will convene to review the materials and potential fit. They will also evaluate whether it is possible for the student to engage in the desired training program and to avoid a dual relationship with their former therapist. No one on the committee may have worked in a clinical capacity with the potential trainee in the past. The task of the committee will be to sort out whether a realistic and appropriate fit exists between the previous client/potential trainee and CAPS. The most conservative stance will be adopted to minimize harm to the potential trainee and protect their confidential information and minimize their exposure to dual relationships.

3.) If a former client is accepted as a trainee at CAPS then the individual’s electronic mental health record will be locked so it cannot be accessed by anyone but the Associate Director, Research and Technology. As is consistent with our Confidentiality Policy, all clinical staff should only access electronic records when there is a clinical need.

Reviewed by: Associate Director of Training, Date: April 24, 2013
Signature: Dennis Heitzmann, Senior Director, Date: April 24, 2013

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