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If the student and intake counselor agree that further counseling is appropriate, the student and counselor review the available options at CAPS, at other clinics on campus and with service providers in the community to arrive at a tentative plan for additional services. Following the initial appointment, depending on the time of the semester, there may be a wait for the specific service desired.

In many cases, students opting for treatment at CAPS, would be referred to one of up to 30 therapy, support or discussion groups offered each semester. The groups include general interpersonal therapy, groups for students from alcoholic and dysfunctional families, groups addressing depression or stress management, groups for students recovering from eating disorders or substance abuse. There are also support and discussion groups for students from underrepresented groups including gay, lesbian and bisexual students and students from racial and ethnic minorities.

At CAPS, short-term individual counseling is used for crisis situations or when groups are neither available nor appropriate for a student.

Some students are referred to other campus offices such as Career Services, University Health Services and the Multicultural resource Center. Students are also referred to community resources for specialized or continued counseling.

Finally, some students may leave the initial interview feeling able to handle their problems on their own. Students can always return to CAPS if they want to explore whether additional services would be helpful.

The Center for Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
501 Student Health Center
University Park, PA 16802
(814) 863-0395 for consultations and appointments.



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