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Advice on Assisting Students

College can be an exciting and fulfilling time of life but it can also present many challenges that can overwhelm a student's current ability to cope. As a parent or family member at times it can be hard to know whether to actively intervene to help resolve issues for your student or whether to stand back and allow the student to handle things independently. "Getting the balance" can be difficult especially when you watch your student struggle with emotional issues and academic difficulties. You may wonder how you can help or what to do if your student is floundering or struggling. The following links might be helpful if you are concerned about how your student is specifically dealing with homesickness, depression, an eating disorder, a relationship breakup or sexual assault. Click here for other self-help materials.

It might comfort you to know that CAPS staff are mental health professionals who have experience working with college students and can help you and your student clarify whether what your student is experiencing is healthy and normal or represents a concern that could benefit from or require professional treatment.

Clearly if a student is imminently suicidal or endangering their life, immediate action is indicated (please see our Crisis information if this applies to you). However, there are often "gray areas" where professional services might be helpful but your student wants to handle things on their own. Because college students are considered adults, legally there are limitations to how much you or we can help if your student is unwilling to schedule an appointment. At those times you may want to use the leverage of your concern and your relationship to encourage your student to seek help.

Here is some helpful information about CAPS:

For more information about what your student can expect at CAPS, we encourage you to read more about us, our services, and our staff.

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