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Penn State Crisis Line (24/7):
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Crisis Text Line (24/7):
txt "LIONS" to 741741

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- Student Health Center (SHC)
- Bank of America (BoA)
- Allenway Building (Downtown)
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CAPS Staff

all CAPS staff in front of the Student Health Center


Clinical Staff


Jordan Barnard, Psy.D. (2013), University of Hartford

Psychologist, Assessment Coordinator, Multicultural Student Programs and Services Co-Coordinator

Interests: Student-athletes, decreasing the stigma towards mental illness, men's issues, psychological assessment, multicultural and LGBTQIA issues, teaching and supervision in clinical psychology

Ashley Bartley, MSN, CRNP (2007), University of Pennsylvania

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Interests: ADHD, anxiety, eating disorders

Laura Briscoe, Ph.D. (2014), Oklahoma State University

Staff Psychologist, Multicultural Student Programs and Services Co-Coordinator

Interests: Multiculturalism/diversity, gender and gender role identity, women's issues, relational development, underrepresented student populations and academic /social support, ethnic identity

Sandra Brill, MSN, CRNP (2002), Drexel University

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Interests: Mood disorders, anxiety disorders

Brendan Carr, Ph.D. (2016) Counseling Psychology, University of Georgia

Staff Psychologist

Interests: Working with student athletes

Paul Carswell, M.A., Ed.S., LPC (2006) Counseling Psychology, James Madison University

Coordinator of Crisis Services

Interests: Mood disorders, OCD, trauma, grief/loss, self-growth, crisis intervention, psychodynamic therapy, substance abuse, adjustment issues, and conflict resolution

Caitlin Chun-Kennedy, Ph.D. (2017), Counseling Psychology, Penn State University

BASICS Counselor

Interests: Substance abuse, trauma, eating disorders, multiculturalism, family of origin concerns, couples counseling, and student athletes 

Natalie Hernandez DePalma, Ph.D. (2010), Counseling Psychology, Penn State

Psychologist, Assistant Director, Clinical Services

Interests: Groups and systems counseling, couples and systems counseling, training and supervision

Maggie Doby, MSW, LCSW (2002) University of New Hampshire

Clinical Services Provider

Interests: Anxiety disorders, depression, adjustment issues, self growth, family of origin concerns and interpersonal communication, grief/loss, relationship concerns

Desiree Howell, Ph.D. (2014) Counseling Psychology, Ball State University


Interests: Couple/relationship counseling, family-of-origin concerns, attachment, student-parents, first-generation college students, career counseling, work-life balance, supervision and training, multiculturalism and diversity, identity development, positive psychology, and prevention/outreach.

Jill Hranicka, Psy.D. (1998), Clinical Psychology, Nova Southeastern University

Psychologist, Eating Disorder Prevention and Treatment Coordinator

Interests: Eating disorders, grief/loss, trauma, gay/lesbian/bisexual issues, self growth, athletes

Susanna Hummer, B.A. (1999), Psychology, Penn State University

Case Manager

Interests: Crisis intervention, depression, suicide prevention, case management, women's issues, chronic and severe mental illness

Mark Johnson, M.S.W., LCSW (1988), Social Work, University of Georgia

Drug and Alcohol Specialist

Interests: Working with alcohol and other drug issues

Ben Locke, Ph.D. (2002), Counseling Psychology, Boston College

Psychologist, Director

Interests: Counseling center administration, research in college and university counseling centers, anxiety, relationships, family-of-origin concerns, interpersonal communications

Tammy MacAlarney, MSW, LSW (2001), Social Work, University of Pittsburgh

Coordinator of Case Management Services

Interests: Case management, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), cognitive behavior therapy, chronic/severe mental illness, bipolar disorder, depression, early psychosis, schizophrenia

Nora Maginnis, MSN, CRNP (1997), University of California, San Francisco

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Interests: Anxiety, depression, OCD, transgender health

John Mitchell, Psy.D. (1995), Clinical Psychology, Indiana State University

Staff Psychologist

Interests: Mood Disorders, existential issues, teaching and supervision in Clinical Psychology, group therapy

Shelley Murray, B.S. (1985), Counseling Education, Penn State University

Case Manager

Interests: Case management, problem solving, depression, suicide prevention

Julie Pelletier, Ph.D. (2008), Clinical/Counseling/School Psychology, Utah State University

Staff Psychologist

Interests: Disordered eating, body image concerns, self-compassion, anxiety disorders, teaching and supervision in Clinical Psychology, psychological assessment

Annie Poet, Psy.D. (2016), Clinical Psychology, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Staff Psychologist

Interests: Eating disorders, diversity/multiculturalism, women's issues, issues related to discrimination/oppression, social class and first-generation students, underrepresented student groups

Janet Schwabenbauer, M.A. (1984), Counseling, Slippery Rock University

Clinical Services Provider

Interests: Trauma informed care, EMDR, anxiety, relationships, mindfulness

Brett E. Scofield, Ph.D. (2006), Clinical Community Psychology, Wichita State University

Associate Director, Operations

Interests: Anxiety, OCD, panic attacks, mood disorders, relationship issues, research and technology

Camille Sluzis, M.Ed. (2010), Counseling, Penn State University

Clinical Services Provider

Interests: Trauma, women's issues, interpersonal violence, self-growth, adjustment issues, resilience

Shannan Smith-Janik, Ph.D. (2008), Clinical Psychology, University of Virginia

Assistant Director, Training

Interests: Anxiety and mood disorders, training and supervision, evidence based practice, cognitive behavioral therapy

Kate Staley, Ph.D. (1999), Child Clinical Psychology, Penn State University

Assistant Director, Community Education and Outreach

Interests: Outreach related to reducing stigma of seeking mental health services and intervening early with issues, anxiety reduction, mindfulness, working with multicultural issues and underepresented students, womens issues

Stephanie Stama, Psy.D. (2015), Florida Institute of Technology

Staff Psychologist, Coordinator of Groups and Workshops

Interests: Autism Spectrum Disorders, Couples Counseling, Psychological Assessment, Trauma, Mindfulness

Cathie St. Andrews, MSW, LCSW (2002), University of Pittsburgh

Clinical Social Worker, Triage & Crisis Coordinator

Interests: Mood disorders, problem solving, crisis intervention, self esteem, anxiety, life transitions, relationship concerns

Ashley Stauffer, M.S. (2014), Mental Health Counseling, State University of New York
at New Paltz

Project Manager, Center for Collegiate Mental Health

Interests: Organizational systems, research, group therapy, anxiety, culture, trauma, interpersonal violence

Victoria Stout, D.O., Board Certified (American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, 1989), Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (1983)

Coordinator of Psychiatry

Interests: Mood disorders, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, and attention-deficit disorder

Elana Szczesny, Ph.D. (2014), Clinical Psychology, University of Delaware

Staff Psychologist

Interests: Insomnia, stress management, training and supervision, evidence-based practice, health psychology

Elizabeth Toepfer, Ed.D. (1996), Counseling Psychology, Columbia University

Assistant Director, Commonwealth Campuses

Interests: Women's issues adjustment issues, family of origin issues, identity development, multicultural/diversity issues, anxiety, relationship concerns

Nadiya Tucker, MSW, LSW (2014) Social Work, University of Maryland

Case Manager for World Campus

Interests: Working with international populations, adjustment issues, anxiety, depression, self growth, case management, psycho-educational programming

Sarah Watson, M.A., CAADC (2006) Clinical Psychology, Towson University

Clinical Services Provider

Interests: Student Veterans, Trauma, Anxiety, Mood Disorders, Substance Abuse, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Han Wingate, M.A. (2006) Counseling Psychology, Pacifica Graduate Institute

Clinical Services Provider

Interests: Relationships, identity development, anxiety, depression, crisis intervention, psychodynamic therapy

Jason Yoder, MSW, LCSW (2008) Social Work, Salisbury University

Clinical Services Provider, Coordinator of CAPS Chat Services

Interests: Adjustment, relationships, stress management, substance abuse, academic and social supports, anxiety, depression

Associate Clinical Staff

Kathy Clayton, M.Ed.

Clare Cowen, MSW, LCSW

Anthony D'Augelli, Ph.D.

Lori Strayer, M.Ed.

David Wimer, Ph.D.


Abby Costello, Psy.D.

Sultan Magruder, Ph.D.

Bethany Rallis, Ph.D.

Rekha Varghese, Psy.D.

Doctoral Interns

Lindsay Furlong-O'Hara, M.S., M.Ed.

Sangsun Kim, M.A.

Daveon McMullen, M.A.

Julie Scott, M.A.

Practicum Therapists


Kathleen Dimattia, M.A.

Christopher Good, M.A.

Latoya Haynes-Thoby, M.Ed.

John Loughlin-Presnal, M.S.

Wes Scala, M.S.

Support Staff

Susan Butterworth, Office Manager

Lynne Gilham, Administrative Support Assistant

Sandy Minichiello, Administrative Support Assistant

Ashley Martain, Administrative Support Assistant

Whitney Ramsey, Administrative Support Assistant

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