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Cultural Enrichment

Cultural enrichment programs provide opportunities for all students, faculty, staff and the community to experience the practice, celebration, and demonstration of culture through a variety of performances, presentations, visual performing arts as well as social and entertainment events.

Social Justice

Social Justice is the idea of creating a society based on the belief of equality, the understanding and value of human and civil rights. The Paul Robeson Cultural Center offers students at Penn State the opportunity to participate in an initiative to discuss issues of injustice around race in the United States. The initiative will allow students to speak in a safe space called Learning Circle. Students will have an opportunity to explore their own ethnic background and understand how it connects to others, our unequal nation and inequities, examine the Penn State community, and to take action to address the inequities.

Identity Development

The Identity Development series will consist of speakers, open forums and workshops to help students understand and develop a greater sense of the intersectionality of their identity and how this can help them to support issues of social justice.



Through our commitment to providing and supporting avenues for cultural education, the PRCC invites student organizations to submit a proposal for program co-sponsorship. For a co-sponsorhsip packet and instructions please stop by the PRCC and ask at the front desk for a packet.

Proposals Due Date, Meeting Dates and Decision Dates:

Proposal Due Date
(no later than 2:00pm)

PRCC Student Liaisons Advisory Board
Meeting Date



Wednesday, September 9

Wednesday, September 16

Monday, September 21

Wednesday, October 14

Wednesday, October 21

Monday, October 26

Wednesday, November 11

Wednesday, November 18

Monday, November 23

Wednesday, December 2

Wednesday, December 9

Monday, December 14

Wednesday, January 13

Wednesday, January 20

Monday, January 25

Wednesday, February 10

Wednesday, February 17

Monday, February 22

Wednesday, March 2

(before Spring Break)

Wednesday, March 16

Monday, March 21

Wednesday, April 6

Wednesday, April 13

Monday, April 18


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The purpose of BLUEprint is to promote the well being of first-year students, focusing on students of color, in order to encourage retention and successful persistence through Penn State. BLUEprint aims to assist freshmen and transfer/change-of-campus students with their acclimation to a well-rounded social and academic environment at University Park through peer mentoring.


Sponsored by the Paul Robeson Cultural Center (PRCC) and formerly known as S-Plan, the BLUEprint Program focuses on offering cultural, social, and academic support to students of color, specifically those who are first-year or transfer/change-of-campus students, through peer mentoring. A fundamental goal of the program is to promote well-roundedness in all students involved as well as their successful acclimation to and persistence in Penn State.

Students who are selected to serve as mentors in the Mentor Cohort participate in training sessions to foster the necessary skills and knowledge for them to have positive and meaningful interactions with their mentees. Members of the Mentee Cohort attend monthly enrichment sessions to discuss and learn about topics related to academic resources and success, cultural competence, personal and life skills, campus involvement, and professional development. In addition to the one-on-one mentor/mentee meetings, the pairs are encouraged to attend BLUEprint large group events such as workshops, performances, social gatherings, community service projects, and other PRCC-sponsored cultural engagement programs.


Twitter: @PSU_Blueprint



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