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Meet the Medical Staff

3 East Team

3E Clinical Team

Lyn Gerace, LPN; Viqui Gildow, CRNP; Michael Kamens, DO; Sheila Simcox, RN; Barb Conti, MA; Micaela Hayes, MD; Skip Bassett, DO; Bethany Beissel, PA-C; Michelle Johnson, LPN; Jill Blake, LPN; Wendy Krammes, LPN

3 West Team

3w Clinical Team

Deb Kustenbauder, LPN; Patty Beckenbaugh, LPN; Jane Tornatore, RN-C; Lynn Huddell, PA-C; Lew Logan, MD; Jill Buchanan, CRNP; Heather Rohan, LPN

Other Clinical

Gina Burge, RN, 3rd Floor Nurse; Nicole Lamb, RN, 3rd Floor Nurse; Diane Smith, RN, 3rd Floor Nurse Leader

4 East Team

4E Clinical Team

Curt Swagler, DO; Karen Anderson, MD; Elaine Hazi, RN; Lori Godissart, MA; Yvonne Patterson, MD; Carol Myers, CRNP; Anne Brumbaugh, LPN; Barbara Kane, LPN; Terri Smoyer, LPN; Janea Guiher, PA

4 West Team

4W Clinical Team

Julia Lundy, PA-C; Joan Donahey, LPN; Dave Garrison, MD; Holli Kubalak, PA-C; Karen Bascom, MD; Marhsa Neiderer, LPN; Jen Brooks, LPN; Nora Maginnis, CRNP; Ann Shallcross, MD; Karen Horst, LPN

Other Clinical

Sylvia Musheno, 4th Floor Nurse Leader; Mary Pat Griffin, 4th Floor Nurse; BettyAnn Milliron, RN; Theresa Conway, 4th Floor Nurse

Additional Providers

Other Clinical

Peg Spear, MD, UHS director; Robin Oliver, MD, gynecologist; Wei-Shin Lai, MD; Agatha Glusko, Allergy Nurse; Natasha Gates, LSW, caseworker

Clinical Leadership

Other Clinical

Lynn Huddell, PA-C; Kathy Petroff, nurse manager; Shelley Haffner, RNC, infection control nurse manager; Evan Pattishall, MD, clinical director; Mary Alyce Nelson, assistant director of clinical operations and director of nursing

Please note: If you have any questions, please do not send messages via e-mail to the individual clinicians, as they do not have the opportunity to read their electronic mail on a regular basis.

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