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Clinical Services


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In addition to treating acute illness (such as colds and flu), injury and helping you manage chronic health concerns (such as asthma, allergies or diabetes), clinical services at UHS offers the following services:

Advice Nurse

Telephone advice nurses are available 24/7 to help you decide if you need urgent care, a clinic appointment, or self-care. Experienced nurses will discuss your health concerns, such as how to deal with an injured ankle, sore throat, medication problems, emergency contraception, or gynecological needs. Call 814.863.4463. [more information]

Allergy Injections

Allergy injections are available by appointment. Make your appointment online or call 863.0774. [more information]

Case Management

Case management is a free service offered to all Penn State students. This service is designed to enhance student care and help students manage their mental and physical health needs. Every individual has different needs and we are here to help with any issues that may be hampering the achievement of a student’s academic, social or long-term goals. [more information]


UHS provides vaccines, such as immunizations for the flu, Meningococcal (Bacterial) meningitis tetanus boosters, and Hepatitis B. Make your appointment online or call 863.0774. [more information]

Men's Preventive Health Visit

This yearly visit may include testing for sexually transmitted infections, how to perform self-exams, contraception choices, and avoiding risky health behaviors. Make your appointment online or call 863.0774. [more information]

Physical Exams

General physical exams are available for driver's licenses, pre-employment or other purposes. They are offered by appointment only. [more information]

Travel Clinic

The UHS Travel Clinic provides information, immunizations, and consultation to international travelers. The Travel Clinic is open to Penn State students, Penn State faculty, staff and spouses. Travelers are seen by appointment only. We recommend that you schedule your appointment at least 4 to 6 weeks in advance. Call 863.0774 to make an appointment. [more information]

Tuberculin (TB) Tests

TB testing is done to fulfill certain curriculum and Prematriculation Immunization Requirements (PIR). There are two tests that can be used to help detect TB infection: a skin test or a special TB blood test. If the skin test is ordered a small needle is used to put some testing material, called tuberculin, under the skin. In 2 – 3 days, you return to the health care worker who will check to see if there is a reaction to the test.

The special TB blood test used at UHS is the QFT-G (QuantiFERON® - TB Gold Test. This blood test measures how a person’s immune system reacts to the germs that cause TB. This test is not affected by previous QFT-G or TB skin tests or by BCG vaccination. For this test, a sample of the student's blood is drawn by a UHS medical laboratory professional. The student will be notified of their test result via secure message or phone call in about one week.

A positive test indicates past infection with TB, but not necessarily active TB disease. Usually further evaluation and possible treatment needs to be considered. You will need to talk with a nurse or clinician about your individual medical needs. A negative test does not usually require any follow-up.

Make your appointment online or call 863.0774. [more information]

Women's Health Services, including Preventive Health

Whether you are interested in birth control, scheduling an annual exam, or discussing a health related concern, UHS women's health services provides caring, confidential services to Penn State:

Make yourappointment online or call 863.0774. [more information]

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