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Travel Clinic

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There is a nationwide shortage of Yellow Fever Vaccine. University Health Services is no longer receiving the vaccine and is unable to administer it at this time. For information on Yellow Fever clinics visit the CDC website.


Preparing for Your Travel Clinic Appointment

We must receive your Pre-Travel Health Consultation and History Form prior to scheduling an appointment. Please fill out the form in advance of your visit and drop off the completed form at the Information Desk in the Student Health Center or fax the completed form to 814-867-2584 (Attention: Travel Clinic). Please note your Travel Clinic appointment will be scheduled by the UHS travel receptionist upon receipt of the Pre-Travel Health Consultation and History Form. Please bring the following on the day of your visit (If you do not have this information at the time of your appointment, you may be asked to reschedule):

  1. A list of current medications and dosages, medical conditions, allergies, and recent hospitalizations and/or surgeries.
  2. Flight information, stops for refueling, and transit/border crossings to other countries; these will be important to help determine the need for Yellow Fever and/or other vaccines.
  3. Immunization records (infant/preschool, elementary school, high school, college entrance, emergency department visits, occupational, seasonal, military, or previous travel records) or vaccine titer blood tests. If you have received a previous "International Certificate of Vaccine" record, please bring this with you.
  4. Be aware that recent vaccines and certain medications may affect your plan of care at your travel visit.

**We encourage you to have something to eat and drink prior to your appointment.

**Promptly notify the UHS Travel Clinic of any changes or additions in your itinerary or medication list. Fax changes to 814-867-2584, “Attention Travel Clinic,” or call University Health Services at 814-863-0774 and ask to speak with the travel receptionist.

It is important that you arrive to your appointment on time and check in at the kiosk and register with the receptionist. Your visit will last approximately one hour. There is a 15 minute waiting period after most vaccinations.

The Travel Clinic utilizes TRAVAX, a computer software program which is updated weekly with information from the CDC, ACIP, AAP, and WHO, as well as ongoing global surveillance and published literature.


There is a $70 charge for Travel Clinic consultations. Additional fees for immunizations and medications may also apply. The $70 visit fee will be an out-of-pocket charge. Only immunizations will be submitted to insurance, but we cannot guarantee these will be covered. In fact, most insurance carriers or prescription plans DO NOT pay for services related to Travel Clinic visits. Please consult your insurance carrier for coverage before the appointment. Insurance information will be collected at the time of check-in if you would like UHS to submit your immunizations for payment consideration. Faculty, staff and students should provide an account number if your department is paying for your Travel Clinic fees.

Cancel travel appointments 24 hours in advance to avoid a “no show” fee


Please review the websites below to become familiar with your destination, traveler's health topics, and additional information for your return home. The CDC’s Health Information for International Travel ("Yellow Book") is a valuable resource on health information for the international traveler and can be viewed online. Alternatively, you can access the CDC Yellow Book on your mobile device using iTunes app store or Google Play.

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Those scheduled to travel are encouraged to use the Penn State Travel Safety Network.

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