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EMS for Special Events

University Requirements

The Penn State Administrative Guideline ADG04 addresses the requirements for providing emergency medical services at University events at University Park.

The Office of Emergency Medical Services in University Health Services provides pre-hospital emergency services at events drawing an anticipated number of participants/attendees/visitors at all University venues (and University-sponsored events drawing people at non-University venues), as follows:

Each sponsor (or faculty/staff advisor for student groups, or sponsor representative) planning an event anticipating the number of people specified must incorporate arrangements for pre-hospital emergency medical services. The venue manager or director must contact the UHS Office of Emergency Medical Services, and together (with a sponsor representative) develop a "Risk Assessment" for the event. Estimates of attendees and participants, special needs of those in attendance, weather, traffic, etc. must all be taken into account in order to adequately provide for these services.


The Office of Emergency Medical Services will be reimbursed by the venue (or the event sponsor or the artist, as appropriate) for stand-by and any medical services rendered, and by available private insurances for any such coverable services performed.

Additional Information

For more information, contact Dave Jones, EMS Manager, at 814.865.1772.

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