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Education Abroad Insurance Plan

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General Information

In keeping with best practices in the field of international education, Global Programs and Penn State Student Health Insurance have collaborated to provide a comprehensive student health insurance plan that will provide consistent health insurance coverage and emergency assistance for Penn State students studying or traveling abroad. The insurance plan is underwritten by H T H Worldwide and must be processed for all international excursions for all students, regardless of duration or other insurance coverage.

With this coverage, students will have access to reliable global medical and assistance services when they are overseas, which will minimize the risk of problems while traveling. This plan has been tailored specifically to the needs of students participating in Penn State education abroad programs (semester, short-term or internships).

What Does HTH Insurance Cover?

This is a comprehensive insurance plan that will cover all reasonable medical expenses such as physician office visits, inpatient and emergency hospital services, prescription drugs, and mental and nervous disorders including drug or alcohol abuse. This plan also covers emergency evacuation in cases of natural disasters, political upheaval or medical emergencies. For a list of the features and benefits for participants covered under this plan, please read the 2014-2105 Penn State HTH Insurance Plan brochure.

HTH 24/7 Assistance

If a student becomes sick or injured while on their Education Abroad program, they should contact HTH and their on-site coordinator as soon as possible.

How Do Students Enroll in HTH Insurance?

Students accepted into a Penn State Academic Year, Semester or Summer Education Abroad Program are automatically enrolled in the HTH Insurance Plan.

Students participating in an Embedded Program Short Term Trip will receive an email from HTH, after they are registered by their faculty leader, with information on how to pay for insurance coverage.

Students participating in a Non-Embedded Program Short Term Trip will receive an email from HTH, after they are registered by their program coordinator, with information on how to pay for insurance coverage.

Program Coordinators of Non-Embedded Program Short Term trips should contact Student Health Insurance at 814.865.7467 or by email to receive a Roster Form necessary to register the participants with HTH.

Is Additional Health Insurance Necessary When Students Choose to Travel Before/After Their Education Abroad Program?

Students who plan to travel abroad before or after a Penn State-sponsored program are strongly encouraged to enroll in the Penn State - HTH Extended Coverage plan for any additional days of travel. The extended plan offers the same coverage and benefits as the regular HTH insurance plan. In some cases, a country's visa regulations will require that a student have insurance coverage throughout their stay in the country; HTH is often the best and easiest option in these situations. Students must consult with the host country's consulate or immigration department to obtain country-specific visa information.

Faculty / Staff Insurance

Program leaders/ program coordinators must purchase HTH, even if already insured by Penn State's Highmark Blue Shield plan. All faculty/staff members leading a short term embedded or non-embedded program should be registered along with their students on the Insurance Roster Form being submitted to HTH.

Non-Penn State Participants

Faculty & Staff Traveling Internationally on University Business

Faculty and staff traveling abroad - without students - on a University-sponsored or affiliated trip are strongly encouraged to purchase Penn State's HTH Worldwide Insurance plan. HTH is a very reasonable option and can be used to meet the proof of insurance requirement needed to obtain a visa for many countries.

Purchase an HTH Worldwide Insurance plan for your time abroad.

Students Traveling Individually on an International Internship or Research Program

Students participating in an individual international internship program or an individual research program through Penn State University should enroll directly with HTH Worldwide.

This link should NOT be used by any student traveling aboard with a group of students/faculty/staff.

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