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International Students

Please note that international student health insurance requirements for the 2017-2018 academic year have been revised. More information on these changes, effective August 10, 2017, will be available soon.

Mandatory Health Insurance Requirements

Health insurance is mandatory at Penn State for international students and their accompanying dependents (spouse and/or children).

Penn State requires health insurance for international students for several reasons, including:

Health Insurance Explained

A large group of people (both sick and healthy) pays an established amount of money for some protection against future health costs. Their money is put together in one fund, called an "insurance pool." When members of the fund get sick or injured and incur medical costs, money is taken from this insurance pool to pay for part or all of their costs. People in the US are financially responsible for their own medical or health care needs.

Fulfilling the Health Insurance Requirement

The requirement may be fulfilled in one of two ways.

Late Fee

Resources for International Students and their Families

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