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Volunteer Opportunities

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Volunteer and Service Learning Opportunities

If you are a Penn State student who is interested in health care and helping others, there are many opportunities at UHS for you to become involved.

The following UHS departments have volunteer and service learning programs:

Clinical Services

Clinic Interns work closely with members of the clinical staff and assist the nurses in a variety of duties. They assist patients and get a first-hand understanding of the dynamics of the health care system. Volunteering enhances communication skills with patients and members of the health care team. Students earn 4-6 credits total for participating in the Clinic Intern Program. [more information]

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

The Office of Emergency Medical Services is always looking for certified Pennsylvania EMTs and Paramedics to become new volunteers. The Office of EMS is responsible for all emergency medical services on the University Park Campus. EMS operates the University Ambulance Service (UAS) and coordinates emergency medical services for nearly 300 special events covering over 1.2 million participants and guests each year. [more information]

Health Promotion and Wellness (HPW)

HealthWorks is a peer education outreach program dedicated to serving the Penn State community by educating students about wellness including nutrition; sexual health; and alcohol, tobacco and other drug issues. HealthWorks peer educators develop and implement health-based initiatives aimed at improving the health of Penn State students. [more information]

Physical Therapy (PT)

The PT volunteer program offers opportunities for students who are interested in pursuing a career in physical therapy or other health related fields. Student volunteers are encouraged to observe the physical therapist/physical therapist assistant/athletic trainer-patient interaction and ask questions. [more information]

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