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Clinic Volunteer Program

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Clinic Intern Program Frequently Asked Questions

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When can I apply for the program?

You may submit an application online each year in January. Applications submitted during that time will be considered for the following spring semester class. Applications will not be accepted at any other time.

How long is the program?

The program runs for 2 consecutive semesters, beginning in the spring and continuing through the fall. Classroom instruction begins the first week of classes in the spring semester.

When will I know if I am selected for the program?

Applications are typically reviewed over the summer and interviews are held at the beginning of the fall semester.  All applicants should hear back by the beginning of the fall semester.

What level class is the volunteer program?

The volunteer program is renewed each year and is subject to change. In the past, it has been a 400-level BBH class, with 2-3 credits given in the spring and 2-3 credits given in the fall.

When does the clinic part of the program begin?

Clinic hours usually begin regularly after 6-8 weeks of training, however, observation in the clinic begins in the first few weeks of class. Hours are scheduled weekly for a continuous 4-hour block of time, either in the morning or afternoon.

Can I be a Clinic Intern at UHS without taking the course?

No, you must take the course to be trained as a Clinic Intern.

What responsibilities do the volunteers have while working in the clinic?

Students are trained in electronic record documentation, taking vital signs, exam room supply stocking and transportation of patients within the facility, among other things. Students are able to observe a variety of procedures and may shadow a clinician at scheduled times.

What does the class consist of?

There are homework assignments, quizzes, and exams. Students learn skills needed for clinic work, including taking vital signs. There is some instruction on commonly seen illnesses, and there may be guest speakers scheduled.

Is there any prior experience necessary?

No. It is ideal for the student to be interested in a career in a medical field. All necessary skills will be taught in the classroom prior to beginning hours in the clinic.

What is the average class size?

Class size is very limited, ranging from 12-20 students per year.

Are students trained to work in all areas of Clinical Services?

No, currently students are trained to work with primary care clinicians only.

Do the clinic hours change from semester to semester?

Yes. Students must sign up for their clinic hours each semester.

Can I volunteer more than 2 semesters?

Yes. You may continue to volunteer in the clinic while you are a Penn State student. No classroom component is required, and there are no credits given beyond 2 semesters.

Are there any other volunteer opportunities in the area?

Yes. Within UHS, other opportunities include Emergency Medical Services, Physical Therapy volunteers and HealthWorks. See more information about all volunteer opportunities. There may also be opportunities at Mount Nittany Medical Center and Centre Volunteers in Medicine.

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