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Freedom From Smoking®

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About the Freedom From Smoking® Program

The program is offered by Health Promotion and Wellness, University Health Services.  Our program is facilitated by a health educator who has been trained by the American Lung Association to offer the program. 

Freedom From Smoking is a seven week program that is strategically designed to help students quit and remain smoke free. The program encourages students to build a support system as they progress through the program toward success. Each weekly module helps students address a different aspect of the quitting process, such as learning stress management techniques, what to do when a craving comes, controlling your weight while quitting, and much more.

The most recent Penn State Pulse survey on student smoking indicates that 72 percent of Penn State students do not smoke. Survey results also indicate that over 70 percent of Penn State students who smoke on a regular basis have made multiple attempts to quit in the pervious year.  Through this evidence-based program UHS will provide the additional assistance students may need to quit.

Freedom From Smoking is a free program.

For additional information contact UHS’ Health Promotion and Wellness office at 814.863.0461 or send an email to

Additional resources available for smoking cessation include:

Student Health Center | 814.863.0774 | Contact University Health Services