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Past Exhibits from 2007

IMAGES 2007 - Presented by the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts
Photograph by Howard Waxman

Various Artists
June 13 - July 15
Robeson Gallery

This juried exhibit, which runs in conjunction with the Arts Festival, displays work in a variety of media submitted by artists from the Mid Atlantic region. Juried by Heather Pesanti, the Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh and an alumna of the University of Pennsylvania, Ms. Pesanti earned a graduate degree at The University of Oxford, England, and a second degree at New York University's Institute of Fine Art. In addition to her curatorial position at CMA, Pesanti is an adjunct professor at Carnegie Mellon University's School of Art.

For more information about Images 2007, please contact the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts at 814-237-3682 or by e-mail at

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Pattern and Structure
Imaginary Column #1 by Liz Whitney Quisgard

Liz Whitney Quisgard
September 18 - December 2
Robeson Gallery

This exhibit of paintings, fiber wall hangings, and sculptures combines brilliant colors and intricate patterns to engage and seduce the eye. Quisgard's work does not attempt to explain or comment on the human condition. "We all understand a row of triangles, a strip of squares, an arrangement of circles and swirls," she says. "No need to ask their meaning. They simply are what they are. They speak to us universally and without apology." This collection of work transports the viewer into a fantastical world reminiscent of exotic cultures and traditions, yet unique in its artistry and imagination.

Liz Whitney Quisgard is a nationally renowned and award winning artist who resides in New York City. She has taught at the Maryland Institute, College of Art, Goucher College and the University of Maryland. Her works can be seen throughout the country including New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

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Tongue Tied by Anna Divinsky

Anna Divinsky
September 14 - December 14
HUB Gallery

Divinsky uses silk as well as other fiber materials to explore the relationship between the body, nature, and fiber, creating interactive textiles that invite viewers to touch and observe the work on an intimate level. Divinsky visualizes fiber as an equivalent to skin which she molds and stretches, challenging its function and meaning. While the history and process of textiles are crucial aspects of Divinsky's pieces, human flesh, organic forms, and living organisms fuel the artists's imagination.

Anna Divinsky is an art instructor in the University of Pittsburgh's Studio Arts Department and Penn State's School of Visual Arts. She has a BA from the University of Pittsburgh in Studio Arts and Art History and an MFA in Printmaking from Penn State.

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Images of Cuba
Photograph from Images of Cuba by A. Dennis McBride

A. Dennis McBride
October 22 - December 9
Art Alley

This collection of photographs, taken during an October 2003 voyage to Cuba with Global Exchange, captures everyday people and scenes of Cuba. In his first photographic exhibit, A. Dennis McBride has assembled a stunning array of images from renowned music groups such as Los Van Van and the Buena Vista Social Club to Manuel Mandive, arguably the leading living graphic and performance artist in Cuba. McBride is a physician and an avid photographer who has traveled extensively throughout the world. He specializes in photographing the human form, with an emphasis on humans engaged in cultural activities - as creators, observers, and participants.

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Sculpture by Elli Groninger

Elli Groninger
January 12 - December 6
Sculpture Corner

Elli Groninger is a professional artist and owner of Nittany Sculpture Works. She has experience as a toy designer, sculptor, welder, and blacksmith. She creates her sculptures from found objects and has won many awards for her whimsical designs.

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Paintings and Drawings
Painting by Ruth Kazez

Ruth Kazez
May 29 - July 18
HUB Gallery

Ruth Kazez is a long-time State College resident whose work explores the true nature of animals and insects, and the environments in which they live. Through her examination of their form and characteristics, Kazez provides the viewer with a close up of nature and beast at their most revealing. "I am not pursuing any aesthetic philosophy," Kazez explains, "only expressing visual ideas." Kazez has exhibited her work in many galleries and juried exhibitions throughout the eastern United States. Her work can also be seen online.

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Electronic painting by David Paden

David Paden
June 12 - July 30
Art Alley

In this exhibit, Paden applies the "electronic brush" - his manipulation of scanned images and photographs, including those of "sculptures and figurines," "crushed Christmas tree ornaments," and newspaper "angel advertisements." The use of the electronic brush, Paden states, "opened up a complete new avenue of working [his] visions" and continues to give him "a tremendous sense of energy."

Born and raised in Scranton, Pennsylvania, David Paden graduated from Lycoming College and taught music in the Bald Eagle Area Schools until retiring from teaching in 1997. He took his first course at the Art Alliance of Central Pennsylvania in 1980 and has since exhibited in many juried shows.

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Illustrations from the Books of
Illustration by E.B. Lewis

E.B. Lewis
January 8 - April 29
Exhibit Cases

E.B. Lewis is known for his work in children's literature and his work as a fine artist. He has illustrated about 35 children's books, winning a Caldecott Honor Award in 2005 for "Coming On Home Soon" by Jacqueline Woodson. He was also the recipient of the Coretta Scott King Illustrator's Award in 2003, which is given to outstanding African-American illustrators, for "Talkin' About Bessie" by Niki Grimes.

E.B. Lewis was raised in Philadelphia, PA and graduated from the Temple University Tyler School of Art in 1975. His work is exhibited nationwide and is part of many major private collections. He currently teaches Illustration at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

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Vocal Discord
Self-portrait by Dori Lemeh from the Vocal Discord exhibition

Dori Lemeh
February 13 - April 26
Robeson Gallery

This exhibition is a collection of self-portraits that explore the concept of socially constructed identity. Through the use of text, symbols, and other images, this visual journey looks at the roles women play in society, the roles that are given to women to act out, and the roles women choose to take on.

Lemeh explains, "Through this search I explore the social construction of identity, my participation in that construction and how such histories shape my perspective of self and cultural inheritence in relationship to my body."

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