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Past Exhibits from 2010

Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race
Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
February 16 - May 2
Robeson Gallery

The exhibition examines how the Nazi leadership, in collaboration with medical professionals, used science to legitimize persecution, murder and genocide. This exhibit is co-sponsored by the Office of the President, the Jewish Studies Program, the Rock Ethics Institute, the College of Medicine, the College of the Liberal Arts, and the Science, Technology and Society Program. "Deadly medicine: Creating the Master Race" is organized and circulated by the United Holocaust Memorial Museum. It has been made possible by The Lerner Foundation and Eric F. and Lore Ross.

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The Annual Graduate Research Exhibition
2010 winner, Amy Moosman Reinecke

School of Visual Arts
January 4 - January 23
Robeson Gallery

This juried exhibition displays the studio art portion of the Annual Graduate Research Exhibition, offering students the opportunity to present their work in a professional setting.

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Annual K-12 Art Exhibition State College Area School District
 untitled, Maria Verica, Grade 6

Student Artists
January 4 - January 23
Robeson Gallery

This exhibition features the artwork of State College Area School District students, demonstrating their skills across various media and their development as young artists.

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To-Tien Series
To Tien #21 (detail), Howard Tran

Howard Tran
January 15 - March 2
HUB Gallery

Tran explores the Vietnamese/Chinese philosopher that is influenced by Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism in the To-Tien series. The exhibit stresses the ideas of simplicity, worship of ancestors, the cycles of life and connection to nature.

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Things to treasure and hold dear
Allen Street, Aubrie Sell

Aubrie Sell
January 22 - March 7
Art Alley

The series is a response to places and things visited since December 2007. The result: paintings that are dreamlike visions of environments that might not exist, slippages or singularities in one person's vision. In these works the paint is serving to not only document a landscape or figure, but to recreate a singular moment in time.

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The Danger of Forgetting Slavery
The Belled Horns, collection of Michael Doub

Michael Doub
January 18 - February 28
Exhibit Cases

This exhibition looks into a piece of North American history that existed for centuries, yet continues to be shameful to mention- slavery. Its value exceeded the total value of all the railroads, factories and all other businesses. The output of its forced laborer is unimaginable and key in the creation of the wealthiest nation on earth. The exhibit explores these ideas through a collection of slave artifacts.

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