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LeaderShape Institute

What is LeaderShape®?

The Penn State LeaderShape Institute is designed to provide undergraduate students at University Park the opportunity to create meaningful interactions with their peers.

This six-day intensive, interactive, dynamic, and exciting leadership development experience challenges participants to "lead with integrity." Student participants will gain a comprehensive understanding that leadership development is a life-long journey.

What you'll get from 6 days of development

The LeaderShape experience will allow for participants to develop their own leadership blueprint and plans for implementing campus change.

At the end of the six-day experience, participants will:

What will I learn about Leadership?

The Penn State LeaderShape Institute focuses on three important aspects if leadership:
vision, teamwork, and leading with integrity.

Ultimately the Institute will provide students with the outstanding leadership skills that organizations are looking for. We are not talking about how to run an effective meeting, how to get elected to an office, how to better market a program, or how to fundraise.

We are talking about changing the world.

We are talking about getting out of your comfort zone and becoming the tipping point that changes everything. Any meaningful accomplishment, idea, business, or cause began with one person saying, "I can do this better." Unfortunately, many people are happy with the way things are and that is why nothing changes.

We are talking about leading -- we don't care about your title. We care about the results. That is what we are... "We Are" LeaderShape.

What do past participants say about LeaderShape?

We want to be a part of creating a just, caring, thriving world. Past participants of the Institute know what that world is like because they have tasted it -- even if only for a day. And they want more. Until we have that world, there is LeaderShape and we have work to do.

"LeaderShape provided the opportunity for me to strengthen my ties to the Penn State community. It allowed me to gain a deeper understanding for the qualities a true leader must encompass and additionally better define my personal leadership style. The experience I had at LeaderShape has not only changed my outlook on what changes I can make in my community but has empowered me to dream to change the world." Penn State LeaderShape Alum.

For more information about this six-day leadership program, contact us.

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