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Kevin's Story

Kevin Bunce standing on a John Deere tractor

A Student Employment Success Story

Kevin Bunce, a former employee of the USA Marketing Office - I am currently a manufacturing engineer at John Deere in Waterloo, Iowa, where I support large agricultural tractor platform manufacturing. John Deere is a Fortune 100 company providing agricultural, construction, forestry, and power system solutions around the world. For over 175 years, John Deere has helped feed the world and provide the tools required to build the infrastructure needed to support our society. The company boasts quality and customer service in every product while serving those linked to the land worldwide.

I was fortunate enough to work in the USA Marketing Office my senior year at Penn State. My formal education was not in marketing but my supervisor/mentor took a chance on my work ethic and hunger to learn. I am forever grateful for this opportunity because working in the USA Marketing Office taught me skills beyond just Photoshop and Illustrator. I learned how to facilitate a process, like program registration, and how to utilize my resources when solving a problem. I gained valuable experience working with other students, listening to their issues, and working to the fullest extent to help resolve them. One of my biggest things I learned while working in the Marketing Office was understanding the power of all- not the power of one. Pulling together as one team can make anything a success.

As a manufacturing engineer, I work with our team to develop and support the process to assemble our products. I also work with cross-functional teams like operators and technicians on the assembly line, mechanics, the operations team, and many others. My tenure in USA demonstrated the power and necessity of teamwork to accomplish challenges, which has proven immeasurably useful in my current position at Deere. Serving over 1,000 students organizations and over 40,000 students at Penn State is no simple task. It requires strong communication, unwavering commitment, marrow deep trust, and faithful accountability between all team members. These are the same qualities that are required within our manufacturing team and beyond to meet production demands while maintaining the highest quality product. Learning these skills while working in USA has already made an impact in my current role at John Deere by elevating my soft skill abilities working in my team.

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