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Student Organization Programs

Mandatory Student Organization Officer Trainings

Officer Training Meetings will cover essential materials to all student organizations. At these meetings, University staff will provide important new and/or updated policies and procedures.

University Affiliates, Club Sports, Fraternity & Sorority Life Chapters, and World Campus Organizations are excluded from session attendance.

Monthly Officer Trainings 2017/2018
Session Location Times
October 17 131 HUB-Robeson Center 1:30pm
November 16 134 HUB-Robeson Center 3:00pm
December 6 131 HUB-Robeson Center 10:30am
January 8 131 HUB-Robeson Center 2:00pm
January 12 131 HUB-Robeson Center 10:00am
February 8 131 HUB-Robeson Center 3:00pm
March 13 131 HUB-Robeson Center 10:00am
April 11 131 HUB-Robeson Center 1:00pm

If you are attempting to be re-activated, after you complete one of these trainings, email the Office of Student Activities to be reactivated:

103 HUB-Robeson Center | 814.863.4624 | Contact the Office of Student Activities