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U.Ed. Numbers

What is a U.Ed. number?

Penn State's U.Ed. Representative System enables each college, campus, and administrative unit to review and track all publications it produces. Each unit's U.Ed. Representative reviews and issues a U.Ed. number for their unit's publications to ensure they meet University standards for quality, professionalism, and accessibility.

What are the publication requirements?

All Student Affairs publications must meet the following minimum standards:

What items require a number?

Any Publicationbrochure, poster, flyer, booklet, bookmark, postcard, catalog, ad, etc. that will be distributed to the University community via print or PDF, on or off campus, should be reviewed by the Student Affairs U.Ed. Representative. Many publications will require a U.Ed. number, while some will not.signage, applications, letters, reports, namecards, table tents, etc. The U.Ed. Representative will make this decision at the time of review.

Any video produced by staff in Student Affairs must also be reviewed by and receive a U.Ed. number from the Student Affairs U.Ed. Representative. Refer to Student Affairs Video Standards (PDF) for more information.

Who can request a number?

Any Student Affairs staff member who creates and/or distributes publications can request a number.

When should I request a number?

It generally takes about one business day to receive a number. Please allow ample time before your publication distribution deadline to receive the number. Whenever possible, please avoid requesting a U.Ed. number at the last minute.

How do I request a number?

  1. Place a copy of your publication (Word, Publisher, or PDF) in the appropriate folder in IT_inbox
  2. Contact the Design Office with the specific location and title of the publication
  3. Contact the Student Affairs U.Ed. Representative if you have questions

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