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Submit a Project

New projects are submitted and analyzed before committing financial and technical resources.  This process will be used anytime a new component is introduced in the Student Affairs IT environment or significant modification in an existing component are requested.

Process Overview

Each unit is encouraged to define an internal process by which the Student Affairs IT Project Request Form is completed and routed to the committee. In most cases, this means your Director needs to sign-off. In large units, this might mean that your unit's projects needs prioritized.

The SAIT Director will receive the completed form and will introduce it to the committee. The committee will review the form for completeness and determine whether the project is worth investigating and assigned a priority ranking. Depending on the outcome, the SAIT Project Manager will work with the unit to determine the project scope, risk, resource scheduling, and a general timeline. This project investigation report will be submitted to the committee and a final ranking of the project will be delivered to the Vice President for final approval.

Graphic depicting the project process from ideas to project execution.

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