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How We Can Help

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We provide consultations on a wide variety of legal issues. Come see us if you have questions about your rights or obligations in a legal matter.


In some situations, our office can only provide referrals to other attorneys or services that may be of help to you. These include matters where the is a conflict of interest, such as student/student conflict, student/university conflict or student conduct hearings. Other matters fall outside the qualifications or expertise of our attorneys such as copyright, patent, tax or out-of-state matters. Finally, some matters may be too complex or time-consuming, having the effect of reducing the availability of services to a large number or students such as felonies, class action lawsuits, personal injury matters or other complex litigation.


When we can, our attorneys represent students in court in both civil and criminal matters.

Document Preparation

We provide students with an array of document preparation services. We can draft simple wills, powers of attorney and living wills. We can also help students complete paperwork such as expungement petitions.


SLS can speak to student groups or organizations about legal topics of interest.

Notary Services

We offer free notary services. Drop-ins are welcome for notarization.

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