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Discussion Groups


Fall 2017

Discussion Groups



Discussion Group Flyer




The purpose of the LGBTQA discussion groups is to provide a safe space for students to express their thoughts, perspectives, and opinions on issues, knowledge, and trends in the LGBTQA community. These groups offer students the opportunity to explore their identities and interests as they relate to their LGBTQA identity(ies). Each group has its own set of broad discussion topics that challenge students to expand their knowledge and develop their identities relative to their place in the world.

Groups are either open or closed. Open groups do not require regular attendance, and may be attended on an as-needed basis. Closed groups require regular attendance and will maintain the same members throughout the semester. Closed identity-based groups are identity-alike spaces, meaning only students who identify with the identity may attend. All groups will be held in the Multipurpose Room of the LGBTQA Student Resource Center in 101 Boucke.

Discussion groups are only open to students who are enrolled in classes at Penn State


Here are some of the topics we will be offering this semester:


Queer Lit:
Queer Lit is a book club that explores topics related to various sexual and gender identities, intersectionality, HIV/AIDS and other historical and modern issues, among other topics through the reading of short stories and novels.


Gaymers is a fun and safer space for LGBTQA+ and ally gamers to have fun and hang out with like-minded folks. Discussion topics may consist of LGBTQA+ representation in games and the gaming industry among other topics decided upon by participants.



Faith Talks:
Faith Talks is a safer and supportive space for students to discuss issues of and experiences with religion, spirituality, sexuality, and gender identity and provides resources for those who want additional support.



Beyond the Binary:
Beyond the Binary provides a safer space for students who do not identify as cisgender to talk about topics surrounding gender identity and expression.



Home Away from Home:
Home Away from Home is a support group that provides a safer space for international students, as well as internationally-minded students, who identify within the LGBTQA+ community.



Okay Today:
Okay Today provides a supportive environment to LGBTQA+ students who may be experiencing depression and/or anxiety.




For student who hold or question a fluid, bisexual, pansexual, omnisexual, or ambisexual identity



Home Away From Home:

For international LGBTQA+ students or students who are internationally minded



Color Me Queer:

For LGBTQA+ students of color




101 Boucke Building | 814.863.1248 | Contact the LGBTQA Student Resource Center