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Safe Zone


Penn State Safe Zone Logo Blue Paw Rainbow



Spring 2017 Training Dates




Safe Zone 101

Wednesday, April 12th 233A HUB






Tuesday, April 25th HUB 134





The Safe Zone program is a campus wide program designed to raise visibility about the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQ) population, to understand the issues facing LGBTQ students, and become aware of the various LGBTQ resources at Penn State.

The trainings consists of three hour sessions providing a foundation of knowledge needed to be an effective ally to LGBTQ students at the Pennsylvania State University. Individuals who complete this training can choose to display a Safe Zone card in their work environment. Safe Zone members should be comfortable with LGBTQ students approaching them to talk about LGBTQ related issues, or to help students find campus or local resources.

Safe Zone Training supports PSU's mission of providing a culturally diverse and mutually respectful environment where every member of the university community can feel safe, respected, and accepted.

Safe Zone 101 is the FIRST in a series of three hour training sessions that provide a foundation of knowledge needed to be an effective ally to LGBTQ students. Individuals who complete this training can choose to display a Safe Zone sticker in their work environment. Safe Zone participants should be comfortable with LGBTQ students approaching them to talk about LGBTQ related issues, or to help students find campus or local resources. You must complete Safe Zone 101 in order to move on to the other trainings in the series.

The Safe Zone 102 program further educates participants on the LGBTQ community, acting as an extension of the Safe Zone 101 program. Participants will move from theory to practice through becoming more confident and empowered, learning how to self-educate, sharing their own experiences to the group, and participating in role-playing exercises.

Intersectionality 101 is a three hour training session that provides a foundation for understanding the intersectionalities within the LGBTQ community.

Transgender101 is a three hour training session that provides a foundation for understanding of the transgender community within the LGBTQ community.




Safe Zone Participants-UP Campus



102=Safe Zone 102, I=Intersectionality, T=Transgender


Abdullah, Gary   102 228 Chambers Building Office of Multicultural Programs, College of Education/Student Advocacy Specialist
Aber, Mary Beth 105 E. Lewis Katz Building Cocurricular Programs Coordinator/Penn State Law
Aber, Mary Beth Katz Building-Student Services Law
Abplanalp, Meg  102  I 225 C Steidle Bldg Adviser, Recruiter
Adams, Sarah 128 Burrowes Graduate TA-Liberal Arts
Ahmuty, Domenica Residence Life
Alexander, Tauheedah  I 134 Johnston Commons Residence Life-Area Coordinator
Allegro, John 203 Business Bldg GA-Smeal
Al-Rahmani, Omar Undergraduate Student Economics
Anderson, Charles  201 Huck Life Sciences Building Assistant Professor Biology
Anderson, Megan 134 Johnston Commons Residence Life
Arismendi, Monica  W 232 MSC Administrative Assistant/Science Eberly College
Armbruster, Krista  W222 MSC Biology, Microbiology,Molecular Biology
Armillar-Tiseyra, Magali 445 Burrowes Comparative Literature
Armstrong, Karen 223 Outreach Building Career Services-World Campus
Asbell-Swanger, Lea 102, T Eisenhower Auditorium Asst. Director/Center for Performing Arts
Athana-Ramlook, Kizzann 239 Moore Bldg Graduate Student
Atkinson, Heather 113A Grange Counselor Education
Ault, Amanda  111A Armsby Building Agricultural Economics, Sociology, and Education/Administrative Assistant
Ayers, Katie HH3 Greenhouse Plant Science/Garden
Baker, Brittany 123 Pollock Commons Residence Life-Area Coordinator
Balko, Anne  105 Phys. Ed. Bldg.  Health Services
Ballenger, Kara  402 Pattee Digitization and Preservation
Banse, Andy 0157 Bryce Jordan Center Director of Athletics-Compliance/Finance & Business
Barber, Angela 121 Lewis Building Admin. Support Coord./Science Eberly College
Barber, Angela 105 Chemistry Bldg Millenium Scholars
Barone, Anna 120 Boucke Building Associate Director, Student Conduct and Residence Life
Barone, Matt 103B HUB-Robeson Center Student Activities/Co-Curricular Program Manager
Barsness, Elaine 130 Ritenour  Recruitment Coordinator Millenium Scholars
Barton, Cybbi  102 138 White Building  Campus Rec/Club Sports Coordinator
Baruch-Bueter, Heather  101 Sparks Liberal Arts/Career Enrichment Network/Co-Curricular Programs Manager
Baumgarner, Nina 525 Davey
Bautista Jalon, Laura  301 Buckhout Lab/Grad Student Plant Pathology and Environmental Microbiology
Becksvoort, Jan 12 Snyder Residence Life-Area Coordinator
Behari, Anita 417 Buckhout Lab PPEM
Beishline, Nick 430 Burrowes Bldg Lecturer/English
Belser, Andy 101 B Theatre
Benefield, Kris  23N Willard Building Training Services/Instructional Designer/ITS
Bennett, Tammy 119B Ag. Administration Bldg Coordinator of Academic Advising and Course Instructor/Ag Services
Benson, Becky 314B Leonhard Bldg MNE Admin. Assistant/Mech. Engineer 
Benton-Monahan, Chelsea  407 Boucke Building University Office of Global Programs/ Teaching ESL
Berbeeten, Marja 222 Mateer SHM-Associate Professor
Bergamashci, Janet 116 Theatre Theatre
Bernier, Rachel 148 Moore Clinical Psychology
Bilak-Crist, Georgelle 404 Kernan Bldg Academic Adviser 
Billen, Ruth Grad Student
Blasi, Lisa 114 Brill Hall Residence Life-Senior Coordinator
Bloom, Russell  102 254 Music Building Music/ Arts Management
Bohn, Ricky  301 Outreach  Academic Adviser/World Campus
Bopp, Melissa 268 R Rec Hall Kinesiology
Bortodtynski, Jackie 210 Whitmore Lab Director for Excel/Science Eberly Collge /Chem
Bowen, Chris  208 Millennium Science Complex BMB (BioChem Molec. Bio)/Research Technologist
Bowmaster, Kimberly 101 Smith Building Admin. Support Assistant/Maint&OPP (altoona)
Boyle, Suz Grad Student/Special Ed
Bradley, Beth 111 Eisenhower Chapel Sudent Serv./Student Center (Abington)
Brenner, Jamie 102 Sparks Director of Academic Advising-Liberal Arts
Brizzi, Brunella 034 Burrowes SIP-Italian Lecturer
Brosius, Xandin  102  I Walker 418 GA-Research Assistant
Brown, Debbie 428 Thomas 
Brown, Elizabeth 127 Burrowes LA-English Advisor
Brown, Nate 109B McAllister Prof. of Mathematics
Brown-Shadduck, Aimee  1All-Sports Meuseum Intercollegiate Athletics/Coll & Ext. Technical Spec.
Brungard, Richard  222 Outreach Building Program Planning and Management/Ed Planning and Strat. Mangr
Buffone, Joe 222 Outreach Building Program Associate-World Campus
Bull, Carolee Buckhout Lab
Bumbaugh, Alyssa 101 Ag Admin Bldg. Academic Advising/UG Ed. 
Bumgarner, Nina  525 Davey Lab Astronomy & Astrophysics
Bunker, Erin Beaver Hall GA-Residence Life
Burns, Shawnee  301 Outreach Building Academic Advising/ World Campus
Burrier, Beth 208 Theatre
Buterbaugh  264 Chambers Communications -College of Ed
Camacci, Lauren  T  102  I 316 Sparks GA-Communication-Arts & Sciences
Campbell, Jennifer  410 Boucke Building University Office of Global Programs/ Exec OPS Management
Carlisle Kletchka, Paul  24 Technology Sup Building Security Operations & Services/ Sys. And Network Security Analyst
Carnevale, Kristen Multicultural Students Services 
Carpenter, Devin 315 W. Beaver Ave. Apt. 4 Grad Student
Carter, Dan 116 Theatre School of Theatre
Casper, Gretchen 203 Pond Lab Political Science/Assoc. Prof
Cassick, Shawna 223 Outreach Building Ed Program Assoc./Fac. Dev./World Campus
Castellanis, Paige 106 Ag Admin Bldg Research Associate
Catchmary, Jeffrey 308 Forest Research Lab Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Chakoff, Leah T
Chandler, Stacie 209 Theatre
Cheng, Huanyu 307D Earth& Engineering Science Bldg Engineering Science and Mechanics/assistant Prof.
Child, Justin 302 Walker Building "wage other"/geography
Chiles, Rob  110C Armsby Buildin AESE (ag econ. Soc. Ed)/Ass. Prof.)
Clark, Angela  122 Forest Resources Building Ecosystem Science and Management/ Admin. Support Coordin.
Clark, Darlene  201 Nursing Sci. Building  Nursing/Senior Lecturer
Clarke, Nkensi Counselor Education
Clinton, Jana 410 Boucke Global Programs-Student Engagement Coordinator
Clossen, Amanda  304 Pattee Library Library Learning Services/Learning Design Librarian
Coduti, Wendy 311 Cedar Asst. Prof./Ed. Psy. Comm Ed. Sp. Ed.
Colby, Jessica  I Student Health Services Health Services/Nurse Practitioner
Cole, Carmen 309 Paterno Library Info. Science and Business. Librarian/Ref. Collection and Res.
Collins, Barbie 427 Thomas Asst. Director Alumni Relations/Science-Eberly College
Colon, Jonathan 5 Henderson Advisor-HHD Student Services
Conroy, Ellysa 502C Paterno Library Libraries
Contermine, Molly 221 HHD HDFS Instructor
Cotner, Amy 222 Boucke Education and Programs OSM
Coup, Lori 701 Ford RPTM/Admin. Assistant
Coupland, John  337 Erickson Food Science Food Science/Prof
Craig, Curtis 227 Theatre
Craig, Ronda 104 Theatre
Culter, Julie  T 203 H Business Bldg Academic Adviser
Czyzyk, Richard  T Residence Life
Daniel, Ann Marie 112 Ritenour Cocuricular prog. Coord./Eberly College of Science
Davis, Josh White Building Manager of Fitness Programs/Campus Rec
Davis, Mandee 201 Mateer School of Hospitality Management
Davis, Matthew S. 2130A Arl. Bldg. Res and Dev. Engr/Applied Research
Davis, Teresa 428 Thomas Assoc. Dean of Admin/Science-Eberly College
Decker, Alicia C  116A Willard Women's Studies/Assoc Prof
Decker, Suzanne 316 Oswald Adviser
Diehl, Keith  421 Ag Administration Bldg. Ag Communications and Marketing/Markering Comm. Spec.
Diehl, Rebecca  115 Career Services Center Career Services/Info Res. And Serv. Support Spc.
Dillon, Jasmine 214 Pasture Research Lab 
Doan, Bill 123 Theatre
Donald, Carole  I 110 Hosler  Industry Recruiter/Receptionist/ Earth and Mineral Sci.
Dorang Peeler, Stacey  220P Business Building MBA Program/MBA Admissions Director
Doster, Christine 201 Ag Administration Building Office of the Dean/Ag. Sci./ Admin. Asst.
Dreschel, Nancy  102 312 Ag Sci. Bldg. Instructor/Dairy and AG. Sci.
Dugnan, Tess 206 Theatre School of Theatre
Duncan, Barbara 120 Boucke Building Administrative Support -Student Affairs
Dunleavy, Michele 203 Theatre
Dupain Vashaw Amy  105 Eisenhower Auditorium Center for the Performing Arts/ed. Prog. Assoc.
Earnest, Tiffany 310 Leonhard Industrial Engineering./Admin. Asst.)
Eberly, Rosa A.  214 Sparks Communication Arts and Sciences; English/Assoc. Prof
Edson, Helen 208 Hammond  Center for Engineering Outreach and Inclusion/Stu. Avd. Spec.
Ellis, Mia  102 128 Outreach Bldg Innovation Park Asst. Director Admission Services
Evans, Henrietta 122 Ritenour 
Eyer, Austin 202 Theatre
Falvo, Kathryn R.  115 Pond Laboratory History/Grad Student
Farnsworth, Diane 220 Grange Building Multicultural Resource Center/Asst. Dir. And Counselor
Feineman, Maureen  T 508 Deike Building Geosciences
Field, Stephanie 501 Student Health Center Student Affairs
Fields-Olivieri, Megan 239 Moore Bldg Graduate Student 
Firedhoff, Ken 222 Theatre
Fisher, Chuck 218 Mueller Prof/Science
Fisher, Corinna 229 Ag Admin Building Agricultural Sciences/Admin. Support
Fisher, Eller 201 Johnston Commons ASA-Residence Life
Fisher, Jenny  1 Animal Diagnostic Lab VBSC/Vet and Bio Medical Sci./Asst. Vet.sci
Fleming, Allison 330 Cedar Asst. Professor-Rehab Human Services
Foh, Julie 107 Theatre School of Theatre
Fosco, Greg  115 Health and Human Development  Human Development and Family Studies/asst. prof
France, Rob  116 Pasquerilla Spiritual Center Affiliate Staff
Franklin, Kikora 201 Theatre School of Theatre
Franklin, Wendell 110 Theatre
Frisque, Dick 434 South Frear Prof/Biochem/Mol. Bio.
FROST, CARMEN 201 Carnegie Building Multicultural Affairs/Admin. Support
Funk, Jennifer  E-505 Paterno Library Access Services/info res. And serv. Supp
Furkus, Jenn 125 Cedar Bld EPCSE
Fyock, Brandi 123 Pollock Commons Residence Life-Administrative Support Assistant
Gall, Heather  307 FRL Ag & Bio Engineering
Galloway, Lance 134 Johnston Commons Residence Life-Area Coordinator
Gamrat, Chris Learning Design-Tech Education
Gardner, Heather 311 Sproul  Chinese
Garito, Pamala 445 Davey Lab IT consultant/science-eberly college
Garrett, Michael 009A Katz Communications & Marketing-Penn State Law
Garrett, Olan 201 Johnston Commons Senior Associate Director-Residence Life
Garrigan, Jill 102 105 N White Campus Rec/Programming Coordinator
Garthe, Erin 304A Cedar Ed Psych Counseling & Special Ed 
Gates, Cindy 208 Mueller Lab financial asst/bio
Gates, Natahsha  359 Student Health Center Student Affairs/admin support coord/UHS
Gazza, Dena  111 Eisenhower Chapel Center for Spiritual and Ethical Development/staff asst.
Gearhart, Vikke 153 G Hammond NCTS/IT Trainer
Geisz, John 309 Acad. Act.
Gentry, Alex 110 Bennedict House Facilities spc./phy plant
George, Julie 134 Ritenour Lecturer/intensive eng. Comm
Geszvain, Tarrah 117 Tyson Building Academic Adviser/plant sci.
Gish, Moshe  507 AG SCI & IND BLDG Department of Biology/post doc scholar
Gleason, Emily 134 Johnston Commons Residence Life
Goas, Madison  308 Ewing Hall UG student Media Studies
Golder, Lauren  115 Pond History and Women's Studies/ Grad student
Gookin, Stephanie 210 Patterson  Admin. Coordinator School of Visual Arts
Grace, Elizabeth 125 Cedar Bld EPCSE
Graef, Rita 137 Ag. Admin Building Curator, Pasto Agricultural Museum
Granese, Lauren  102 222 Outreach Building Career Services-Diversity Program Coordinator
Grant, Catie 227 Outreach Building Producer/Director/WPSU TV/FM
Gregor, Christine  115D Ag Sciences and Industries Bldg. 4-H/Penn State Extension
Griffin, Amanda HHD 016  Health and Human Development
Grossman Leopard, Jen  209 HUB Student Activities
Grove, Dana  113 Forest Resources Building Ecosystem Science & Management/Admin Asst.
Guillaume, Aupy 350A Info Science & Technology Bldg CSE
Gutierrez, Borja  T 231 Burrowes Bldg Spanish, Italian and Portuguese/Lecturer
Gutierrez, Rachel 20 Ritenour Programmer/Science-Eberly College
Guyton, James EMS Ed Equity
Habashy, Noel  Grad Student Ag and Extension Ed
Hadley, Jennifer 203 Grange Building Educational Equity/Counselor
Hagedorn, Shannon 105 Bank of America Career Services Grad Higher Education/Career Services
Halpin, Elisha 116 Theatre
Hamilton, Fracine 130 Ritenour  Administrative Support Coordinator 
Hammond, Margaret  102  I 148 Moore Developmental Psychology
Hanford, Amanda  102 Applied Science Building Research Associate-Applied Research Lab
Hanson, Marcus  I  102 413 Walker Graduate Research Assistant-Earth & Mineral Science
Harehood, Valerie 309 Acad. Act.
Harris, Chris 222 Boucke Title IX Office
Harter, Jaime 103 Hosler EME/Grad Program Coordinator
Hartzell, Beth  I 400 Boucke Directorate of Student Engagement and Operations/Admin. Asst.
Harvay, Rob 401 Buckhout Lab PPEM
Hasan, Amy 343B Info Science & Technology Bldg CSE (Comp Sci. and Eng.)/ Admin Supp coord.
Hatten, Dan 134 Johnston Commons Residence Life-Area Coordinator
Hayes, John  220  Erickson Food Science  Food Science/Assoc. prof
Heeman, Deborah 101 Ag. Admin Building Administrative Assistant/ag sci
Heim, Jeff 230 Mateer Hospitality Management
Heller, Rosie Shields 101 GA-SMART Admissions
Hemcher, Alysa  160 N Market St, Mount Joy PA Anthropology/French and Francophone Studies
Henderson, Diane 109B McAllister Building Prof Math
Hestres, Annette Grad Student Adult ed. 
Hewel, Peggy 133B Research Unit A Hastings Rd Ag & Bio Engineering/Instructor 
Hinze, Whitney Staff Cocurric program coord/info sci and tech
Hoffman, Katie  102 201 Cedar Bldg Associate Professor of Special Education
Holden, Sara 102 Ritenour Adminstrative Support Assistant/intensive eng. Comm. Prog
Hollis, Meaghan 201 Johnston Commons Residence Life
Holt, Carol  126 Paterno Library Cataloging and Metadata Services
Hoover, Tracy 101 Ag. Admin Building Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education/ag sci
Horton, Will 213 Henning Post Doc/Animal Science
Howell, Desiree 501 Student Health Center Pschologist/CAPS
Huag, Andrew 223 Theatre School of Theatre
Humphreys, Paul 310 Leonhard Industrial Engineering/Admin. Support asst.
Hung, Stewart 329 B Whitmore BMB/Ecos-Forensic Science 
Hurlbutt, Nicole D. 223 Outreach Building Outreach and Online Education/education strategy and planning mgr.
Hurst, John 106 Warnock Commons Residence Life-Assistant Director
Ingram, Patreese  230 AG Admin Bldg  College of Agricultural Sciences/asst. dean and prof. ag. And ext ed.
Ingram, Yolanda 131B Lewis Katz  Dickinson Law
Inwood, Josh, 311 Walker Associate Professor 
Ishler, Darlene 315 Ag Administration Building Extension/ed program asst.
Jackson, Ashley 328 Grange Building Office of the Vice Provost for Educational Equity/admin support
Jackson, Sharon 211 Ritenour  Administrative Assistant
James, Derek 101A Ag. Admin Building Coordinator of Multicultural Programs/ag sci.
Jamshidi, Sara  102, T 419 McAllister GA-Mathematics Instructor
Jaramillo, Roman Grad Student Chemistry 
Johnson, Glenn 328 Thomas Sr. Lecturer/Statistics
Johnson, Jeremy David 125 Moore Liberal Arts Advising
Johnson, Keisha  428 Thomas Building Eberly College of Science/Asst. Dir Sci Diversity Init
Jolaoso, Suraju G5 Hamilton Residence Life-Area Coordinator
Joos, Celina  232 Moore Grad Student  Child Clinical Psychology
Kann, Dayna 101G Hammond Human Resources-Engineering
Kaplan, Emma Pasquerilla Spiritual Center Innovation Specialist-Hillel
Kenyon, William 221 B Theatre
Kim, Mi  414 Marion Place PSFEI/Facilities engr. Institute
Kim, So Rin Counselor Education
Kim, Youl Lee 316 Sparks CAS 
King, Judy 116 Theatre Theatre
King, Todd 309 Acad. Act.
Kirby, Joshua  102 303 Keller Asst. Professor-Learning and Performance Systems
Kishida, Moe 26 Rec Hall Kinesiology Grad Student 
Kletchka, Dana 309 Palmer Musuem of Art Ed. Prgm assoc/Palmer Mus. Of Art
Knell, Susan  101 Sparks Building College of the Liberal Arts/cocuricular prgm. Mngr
Koons, Caroline  102 316 Sparks Graduate Student-Liberal Arts
Koslow, Scott 316 Sparks  Graduate Student-Liberal Arts
Kossan, Constance 308 Ford Building Instructor/comm sci and disorders
Kowal, Dan Shunk Hall Residence Life-Area Coordinator
Kowalski, Lindsay  120 Boucke Building Student Affairs/judicial affairs "wage other"
Kramer, Lauren C.  266 Rec Hall Kinesiology/instructor
Kregenow, Julia  I 525 Davey Lab lecturer/astronomy and astrophy
Kretsinger-Harries, Anne 307 Sparks Post Doctoral Teaching Fellow-Liberal Arts
Kryst, Erica  125 Career Services Center Career Services/career counselor
Kunes, Cindy  322 Ag Admin Bldg Penn State Extension/mngr. finan and acd. Services
Kupp, Libby 212 Steidle MATSE/Sr. Res. Assoc. 
Kurr, J.  T 229 Sparks CAS PhD./Debate Coach (comm Arts and Sci)
Lake, Cindy  T,  I 225 Steidie  Enrollment Specialist-Materials Science & Engineering 
Lake, Taylor 229 Sparks Communcation Arts and Sciences/lecturer
Landrau Vega, Melissa 220 Grange Building MRC-Assistant Director 
Lanfranchi, Arrick 128 Outreach World Campus Outreach and Online Education
Lawrenson, Jessica 134 Johnston Commons Residence Life
Layaou, Jenneth 139 Ag. Admin Building Coordinator Campus Enrollment and Retention/Director PA Governor's School for the Ag Sciences
Layman, Julia 134 Johnston Commons Residence Life
LeClair, Stephanie  T 104 Chemistry Bldg.  Asst Chemistry
Leddy, Amy 101 Bank of America Center Career Services Counselor
Lee, Ecinjeong 104 Ritenour Graduate Student-Lecturer
Lefkowitz, Eva  115 HHD HDFS/Prof.
Lenhart, Chelsea Counsel of Education
Lesko, Angela 140A Reber Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering/admin support asst.
Lewis, Olivia  102 102M IST Building Office of Multicultural Affairs/student adv spec.
Liberatore, Dina  102 215 HUB Union & Student Activities/ Adademic Adv. World Campus
Liermann, Laura  503 Deike Geosciences/Earth & Envir Systems Institute/Res. Asst Geosci
Lonie, Jean 101 Ag. Admin Building Director of Student Recruitment and Activities/Ag sci
Lord, Tori 115 White Bldg. Fitness Coordinator
Lore, Carri 116 Theatre
Lucas, Peg 101 Boucke Bldg LGBTQA Student Resource Center/Office Manager
Luse, Melissa 125 Ceder Bldg Counselor of Ed-RHS
Lutz, Cathy 512 Thomas Human Resources Gen./Science-Eberly
Lydon, David  102 106 Amy Gardner House Human Development & Family Studies
Lydon-Staley, David 240 Health and Human Development
Lynch, Megan 134 Ritenour Lecturer/Intesive English Comm.
Lyons, Stacey 102 Ritenour Administrative Suport Assistant/Intesive English Comm.
Macanlay, Dana 120 Boucke Building Office of Student Conduct Assistant Director 
Macrina, Ann 316 Henning Building Senior Instructor/Animal Sci.
Maddox, Nicole 125 Hetzel Union Building Admin. Support asst./ Office of Unions and Stu. Act.
Major, Ann  102, T 211 Carnegie Bldg Assoc Prof Comm/Advertising and Public Policy
Maloch, Janelle  501 Student Health Services Counseling Psychology
Mangold, Colleen  W-222 Millenium Science Complex Biochemistry & Molecular Biology/Post doc
Manno, Ellen 114 Forest Resource Building Coordinator of Undergraduate Programs and Alumni Relations
Marini, Rich 102 Tyson Building Department Head, Horticulture
Maroncelli, Mark 104 Chemistry Distinguished prof./Chem
Marsh, Dana  102  I 248 E. Calder Way Director of Communication-College of Engineering
Marsh, Eric 331 Reber Bldg Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering/Prof.
Marshall, George 109 Westod Community Center Residence Life-Area Coordinator
Marshall, Megan  224 Agricultural Engineering Ag & Bio Engineering/Instructor 
Marshall, Megan  203L Business Building Undergraduate Advising
Marshall, Susan State High Counselor (community)
Martinez, Brenda 123 Chambers/148 Moore Office of Multicultural Programs-College of Education
Masters, Christine 2014 Hammond COE/Assitant Dean
Mattern, Linda 125D HUB Events Management Office/Staff Asst. 
Mattson, Nikki 147 Ritenour Lecturer
McBrayer, Melissa 125 Moore Liberal Arts Advising
McCarl, Pauline  203Q Business Building Smeal Diversity Enhancemnet Program/Admin. Support Coord.
McClanahan, Sarah 407 Boucke Student Engagement & Operations-Global Programs
McClintock, Kathryn  I 208 Mueller Lab Grad prog. Coord./Bio
McCoy, Heather  231 Burrowes Dept of French and Francophone Studies/Sr. Lecturer
McDaniel, Meghan  I 278 Moore Building GA-Developmental Psychology
McDonnell, Stephanie Graduate Student-Animal Science
McGown, Ed 222P Boucke Director, IT
Mehalick, Tracie 208 Mueller Lab Financial Asst./Bio
Mehta, Khanjan 213U Hammond SEDTAPP/Asst. Prof/Ed. Design tech and proof progs.
Mendum, Ruth  212 Boucke Building Director Univ. Fellowships office
Metcalfe, Sherri 201 Shields Admissions Counselor/UG edu
Milillo, Sara 327 Erickson Food Science Bldg Academic Adviser; Instructor Food Science
Miller Foster, Melanie  106E Ag Administration Building International Programs/Res. Assoc. 
Miller, Elizabeth 225 Moore Bldg Graduate Student
Miller, Karen V.  407 Student Health Center UHS/Anc Health Care Spec.
Miller, Krista 209 Ritenour Global Experiences Coordinator-Global Programs
Milliron, Cindy 342G Info Science & Technology Bldg CSE (Comp.Sci & Engineering)/Staff Asst.
Mincemoyer-Egan, Beth 201 Mateer Senior Instructor-Hospitality Management
Miyashiro, Nicole 510 Paterno Libraries  Editor
Molnar, Beverly  201 Nursing Sci. Building College of Nursing/ Marketing Comm SPc.
Monteleone, Sarah 221 F-HUB Grad Student-Student Activities
Moresi, Michael  102 Grad Student Higher Edu.
Moroski, Karen-Elizabeth 206 Boucke Penn State Learning
Motamed, Mojdeh  142 Moore Child Clinical Psychology
Mothersbaugh, Rob 247 Chambers Major gifts off./Dev and Alumni Relations/Edu.
Mount, Dan 227 Mateer Hospitality Management-Associate Professor
Mountz, Annemarie 264 Chambers Communications-College of Ed
Movahedi-Lankarani, Stephanie  102 108 Stuckeman Family Bldg Library Manager
Mroz, Kelly 222 Boucke Student Legal Services
Mulfinger, Amanda  222 Outreach Building Program Planning & Management/world campus
Murray, Shelley 318 Student Health Center Clinical Services/mental health therapist
Musick, Kerri 103 HUB/ grad/Higher ed. Student Activities
Myers, Kate  248 E. Calder Way Engineering Communication
Nabozny, Jessica  102  I 201 Student Health Services Community Health Educator
Nash, Joanne 130 Sparks Administrative Support CoordinatorRock Ethics
Neiner, Patty  302 Armsby Bldg AESE (Ag Econ, Soc. Ed.)/Ed. Program asst. 
Nelson, Lisa 122A Willard Associate Professor
Newhouse, Laura 105 Warnock Residence Life-Area Coordinator
Nicholas, Jennifer 409E Keller Instructor
Nickle, Scott Department of Educational Policy Studies
Noble, Wafa  407A Boucke Building University Office of Global Programs
Norris, John 123 Pollock Commons Residence Life-Area Coordinator
Norton, Jennifer University Supply Libraries/marketing and comms. Mngr.
Oh, Hyen Wha 244 Hamilton Student/Biology
O'Malley, Erin  211 SCC (student comm. Center) Student Affairs/st services assoc. (Gr. Allegheny)
Orandall Hart, Susan 300 Rackley School of Psychology
Ostiguy, Nancy  545 Ag Sciences & Industries Building Entomology/Assoc. Prof.
O'Sullivan, Deirdre 312 Cedar Bldg RHS/CNED
Pancio, Marce 123 Pollock  Residence Life
Paquette, Charlene 270 Rec Hall University Park Academic Adviser
Parise, Mia  102 202 Pond Academic Adviser Political Science
Parrett, Tammy 133 Fenske Chemical Engineering/Fin. Asst.
Patia, Kaitlyn  316 Sparks Building Communication Arts and Sciences/Chi Fellow
Patterson, Ashley SP02 Chambers  Curriculum & Instruction
Pazdziorico, Nick 202 Redifer Residence Life-Assistant Director
Peca, Joanne   102 246 Hawthorn Office of Information Technology/chief Info Officer (Altoona)
Peck, Colette  102, T,  I 211B Wartik Lab BioBehavioral Health/Research Tech
Pedersen, Svend  207  Food Science  Food Science/Admin Asst. 
Peeler, Rob  130 Sparks Building Rock Ethics Institute/Marketing Comm. Spec. 
Perry, Becky 101 Hammond Engr. Development/Admin Asst. 
Perry, Laura 117 Waring Commons Residence Life-Assistant Director
Peterson, Angel   T 325 Hammond Bldg Info Res and Serv Support Spec./ Ref, Coll, and Res.
Petrosky, Brian   I 118 Grange Academic Adviser/UG Student
Piazza, Steve 29 Rec Hall  Kinesiology
Poland, Richard 124 Theatre
Polgar, Michael , PhD 001 Admin Building, Hazleton PA Sociology, Liberal Arts/Assoc. Prof (Hazelton)
Ponce de Leon, Milagros 226 Theatre School of Theatre
Pope, Dynea Cooper Hall Residence Life-Area Coordinator
Portalatin, Abdiel 213 Theatre Building  Graduate Student
Powell, Kelly  W102 Millennium Science Complex Biochemistry and Molecular Bioloby
Prasad, Sonia Mina  115 White Building, University Park PA Nutritional Science "wage other" Campus Rec.
Pratt, Carla 17 Trickett Hall Penn State Dickinson Law School Assoc. Dean Academic Affairs
Pruington, Devon Marie   I 102 123 Pollock Hall Student Affairs/Res Life/Cocurricular Prog Coord
Pulley, Jazmyn  213A HUB Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life
Quigley, Kelsey 219 Moore Bldg  Psychology
Rachau, David 212 Mateer School of Hospitality Management
Rameker, Darcy 231 HUB-Robeson Center Student Activities/Assoc. Director
Rateau, Richard 110 Ag. Admin Building Director of Experiential Learning and Career Services/Ag Sci
Raupach, Kathleen  801 Ford Building Recreation, Park & Tourism Management/Instructor
Reeder, Kira 132 PS Conference Center Hospitality Services Mngr/Nittany Lion Inn
Reineke, Rachel 101 Ag. Admin Building PA Governor's School Mentor
Renner, Daniel  Millenium Science Complex, W-208 Biochemstry/Molecular Biology/Computational Scientist
Rhinehart, Gabriele 121 Electrical Engineering E Electrical Engineering/Admin spl Asst
Richardson, Bonnie 270 Chambers Building  Curriculum & Instruction
Richardson, Iris 115 Warnock Commons Residence Life-Area Coordinator
Ricketts, Amy  204 Chambers Curriculum & Instruction
Riddle, Storm 115 White Bldg. Fitness Coordinator
Rill, Denise 1850 East Park Ave. Suite 304 Medicine/Ed Program Assoc.
Ripka, Kim 208 Erickson Food Science Food Science/Exec ops mgmt
Risch, Tatum 134 Johnston Commons Residence Life-Area Coordinator
Ritter, Shannon 116 Theatre
Robichaux, Natalie 106 Theatre
Robichaux, Richard 105 Theatre
Robinson, Dan 112 Theatre
Robinson, Kristen 517 Thomas Admin Asst./Science Eberly
Robinson, Laura 223 Theatre
Robinson, Lori EMS Ed Equity
Rodges, Karissa 131 Sparks Rock Ethics Institute Admin Assitant
Rohling, Maggie 213 Burrows Foreign languages and International Politics/Academic Advisor
Rorke, Tom 274 Rec Hall Kinesiology/Grad Student
Rosas, Casandra 101 Bank of America Center Career Counselor
Rose, Russ  235 Rec Hall Athletics/Head coach W Volleyball
Roth, Michele 44 Burrowes Bldg Lecturer-Italian
Runkle, Erikka  307A AG ADMIN BLDG College of Agrricultural Sciences /HR Manager
Russell, Susan 116 Theatre School of Theatre
Sage, Raymond 210 Theatre
Saidman-Krauss, Bekah  22B Trickett Penn State Dickinson Law  Asst. Dean for Admissions & Financial Aid
Sanchez, Victoria 204 Deieke Bldg EMS/Assc Dean Edu
Sanders, Susan 118 Keller Bldg. HPA (health policy and admin.)/Ed Prog. Assoc. 
Sauls, Jim 407 Boucke Student Engagement Coordinator-Global Programs
Saunders, Jennifer 201 Johnston Commons Residence Life-Financial Manager
Sausen, Jelt  102 Nittany Commons Center Residence Life-Area Coordinator
Schafft, Annyce Ag Administration Building Edu. Equity/ "Wage staff"
Schulenberg, Janet 118 Grange Academic Advising Mngr./UG Ed.
Schulman, Susan 126 Theatre
Scott, Chelsey 108 Hintz PSAA/Coordinator, Student and Young Alum Programs
Selfridge, Kaleena 231 Cedar Bldg Assistant Professor of Special Education
Shannon, Robert 233 Ag. Engineering Bldg Associate Professor and Coordinator, Environmental Resource Management Program
Sharkey, Christopher  304 Beaver Hall Toxicology/student
Sharp, Star 130 Ritenour  Millenium Scholars
Shaw, Barbara 212 Earth and Engineering Engineering Science/Prof
Shell, Laura  102 123 Pollock Commons Residence Life-Area Coordinator
Shelton, Cecil  102 101 Ag. Admin Building Graduate Assistant/ Ag ed.
Shephard, Steve 201 Student Health Services UHS/HPW/CHE 
Shepherd, Dare  I 1 ANIMAL DIAGNOSTIC LAB  VBSC Vet Extension/Res tech.
Sherlock, Susan 101F Hammond  COE Dean's office/admin. Support coord.
Shoemaker, Mary 104 Chemistry Bldg.  Instructor/Chem.
Shoulders, Kyle 123 Pollock Commons Residence Life
Showalter, Melissa 212 EES Eng Science and Mechanics 
Shuey, William Boucke Building Global Programs
Sieron, Scott 624A Walker Meteorology
Simon, Kathleen H170 Hershey Medical Center Admin. Support coord/ grad ed coMed.
Simplais, John 101 A Theatre
Sinclair, Cheri 121 Theatre
Sinkus, Deb   T, I 115 ASI Building(Ag Science Ind.) Penn State Ext - 4-H Office/Admin. Sppt Asst. 
Sinolcic, Elizabeth 257 Chambers Curriculum & Instruction
Smal, Pia Instructor/Councelor Ed. 
Smilges, John  102, T 003 Burrowes Graduate Student-Liberal Arts
Smith, Adam 338K Info Science & Technology Bldg CSE (Comp.Sci & Engineering)/Assoc. Prof.
Smith, Evan 202 Business Bldg Academic Adviser
Smith, Lori  201 Agricultural Administration Building Dean's Office/Exec Asst. 
Smyth, Chris 120 Buckhout Lab PPEM
Snyder, Rachel A.K.  134 Johnston Commons Residence Life
Snyder, Steve  108 Theatre School of Theatre
Sones, Karen  211 Oswald Tower Sociology/Criminology/Lead Councelor
Sounk, Corey Hortranft & Mifflin Residence Life-Area Coordinator
Spaug, Mary Beth Development & Alumni Relations
Spencer, Tom  103 Ritenour Lecturer/Intensive eng. Comm
St. Andrews, Cathie  501 Student Health Center CAPS/Clinical Social Worker
St. Clair, Richared 220 Theatre
Stankiewicz, Mary Ann 30 D Borland Professor of Art Education
Stauffer, Ashley  126 Boucke Building Center for Collegiate Mental Health Counseling and Psychological Services/Res Proj Mngr.
Stefaniak, Brandon 201 Johnston Commons ASA-Residence Life
Steinberg, Lauren  234 Ag Administration Bldg. Development/Major gifts off./Ag Sci
Stone, Ann 106 Ag Admin Bldg College of Ag/International Programs
Struble, Linda 325 Hammond Bldg Eg Library Supervision/Ref coll. And Res
Stumpf, Matt 203 Slep Student Center "wage staff" (Altoona)
Sturges, Jamie 134 Ritenour Lecturer/Intensive eng. Comm
Subasic, Allison 101 Boucke Bldg LGBTQA Student Resource Center/Director
Suhadolc, Stacy 134 Ritenour Lecturer/Intesive English Comm.
Swagler , Curtis P. D.O.  422 University Health Services Health Services /Univ. Phsician
Swetcky, Chris 510A Acad. Act
Swigert, Kelly  T 202 Business Bldg Academic Adviser
Switalski, Crystal  310 Agricultural Administration Building  Ag. Human Resources
Szpara, Moriah W-208 MSC (Mill. Sci. Complex) BMB/BioChem & Molecular Bio/Assoc. Prof
Taheri, Christina 104 Ritenour Part time lecturer/Intensiv Engl. Comm
Teti, Isabella 319 Pond Lab  Political Science, Women's Studies "Wage other"
Tews, Michael 121 Mateer School of Hospitality Management
Thanikar, Sham 410 Walker Meteorology
Thomas, Devon M  115 Health and Human Development  Human Development and Family Studies/Academic Advisor
Thomas, Graham  208 Mueller Lab Biology and Biochemistry & Molecular Biology/Assoc. Prof
Thomas, Meghan 101 Ag. Admin Building PA Governor's School Mentor
Thomas, Tina 130 Ritenour  Millennium Scholars
Thompson, Steve  102, I N-249 Millennium Science Complex  Graduate Program in Acoustics/Prof
Tieman, Clark HUB 227F  GA-Union and Student Activities
Tierney, James  102 319 Kern Graduate Bld. Lecturer/Economics
Tierney, Matt Burrowes Building Asst. Professor of English
Tighe, Sue 311 Rackley Admin. Support Coord/Ed Policy Studies
Tighe, Sue 311 Rackley Educational Policy Studies
Toomer, Marcus 154 McElwain Residence Life-Area Coordinator
Toyos, Diane 325 Acad. Act.
Traverse, Martha T 14 Deike Building Admin Supp. Coord/Earth and Mineral Sci
Truax, Teresa 312 Sparks Part time lecturer/Applied Linguistics
Trump, Mark 101 Breazeale Nuclear Reactor RSEC (Radiation Sci. Engr Center)/Res Assoc.
Turley, Alison Allenway Military Clearinghouse
Ulrich, Tyler  28 HUB  "wage" Nittany Lion Inn
Van Hoof, Hubert B.  219 Mateer SHM-Associate Professor
Van Velsor, Laura 266 Mailroom Kives/Staff
Vandenberg, Cathy 208 Mueller Lab Res Tech/Biolgoy
Vasey, Adrianne  102 208 Mueller Lab Lecturer/Bio.
Vender, Jodi 305 Walker Geography-Undergraduate and Alumni Coordinator
Vess, Tomalei 112 Ritenour Dir UG Res/Science Eberly College
Waggett, Noelle 301 Outreach Bldg Academic Advisor/ World Campus
Wagner, Brad B21 Hezel Union Building HUB Events/Facilities supervisor
Walker, Amanda  530 Walker  Department of Meteorology and Atmospheric Science
Weaver, Adrian 512 Thomas HR Gen/Sci-Eberly College
Weaver, Amanda 202 Redifer Residence Life-Office Manager
Weaver, Jamie 208 Hammond Engineering Diversity/Student Serv. Assoc.
Weidman, Sarah  340 Ag Admin Building Extension/Admin Support asst. 
Weiss, Madeline 08 Irvin Hall GA-Residence Life
Welshonse, Steven  306 The 329 Bldg Outreach and Online Education/IT manager
Werner, Olivia A7 McKee Hall Residence Life
Wert, Shea 325 Hammond Bldg Library Assistant
White, Jennifer Eberly College Science BS/HR Gen.
Whitesell, Ben 220 Weaver Academic Adviser
Whitesell, Stephanie  102 438 Burrowes Admin Support Asst. L:iberal Arts
Wickersham, Tracie  504 Paterno Library Interlibrary Loan/Info Res and Serv Supp Spec
Wiggins, Emily   T  102 I 225 Burrowes Building Spanish, Italian and Portuguese/Lecturer 
Wilkinson, Kelli  201 Johnston Commons Residence Life-Administrative Support Coordinator
Williams, Georjanne  130 Ritenour  Millennium Scholars
Wilmoth, Sonya T, I 101 Boucke Bldg LGBTQA Student Resource Center/Asst. Director
Winfield, Jason 512 Acad. Act.
Wingate, Han 105 UHS CAPS
Wolfe, Juanita 203 Rodney A. Erickson Food Science Bl. Student Programs Assistant and Placement Assistant/Food Sci.
Wong, Sing  2217 Earth and Engineering Sciences Building Dutton e-Education Institute/Instr Designer
Worthington, Amber Grad Student Comm Arts and Sciences
Woytowich, Christine 117 Waring Commons Residence Life-Office Manager
Wright, Jason  525 Davey Laboratory Astronomy & Astrophysics/Assoc Prof
Wyskocil, Brittani Schreyer Honors College Grad Student Higher Education/Student Affairs
Yeager, Debra  504B Ford Building Center for Health Care and Policy Research/Proposal abd Recr Gen.
Zeman, Suzanne 201 Health Center University Health Services/Health Ed.
Zimmerman, Bill 312 Old Main Social Media Mgr/Adjunct Professor






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