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Straight Talks

What are Straight Talks?

Straight Talks panels consist of 3-5 Penn State undergraduate and/or graduate students who are allies or identify in the LGBTQ+ community. These panelists are trained via the LGBTQA Center’s professional development programs or BBH 251. While not representative of the entire LGBTQA community, panelists can share their personal experiences and perspectives with classrooms, residence hall floors, Greek organizations, and other campus venues.


What are the ultimate goals of the Straight Talks Program?


What happens at a typical Straight Talk?


LGBTQA Center Overview


Explanation of LGBTQ Identities


Personal Stories




Can you accommodate special requests?


How do I request a Straight Talk?



Is there a deadline?


Do you want to be a peer educator in the Straight Talks Program?




What is this about? The LGBTQA Student Resource Center would like you to consider participating in training for its Straight Talks Program. We're calling for LBGTQ+ panelists and their allies/supporters! 

What happens in a Straight Talk?  Panelists sign up to attend a class, residence hall program, Greek life program, or other campus venue. Multiple talks each semester allow panelists to pick Straight Talks that fit their schedule. A typical talk is staffed by 3 to 5 panelists. Each panelist provides a 5 minute personal statement about their experiences as a LGBTQ+ person or as an ally. Afterwards, audience members can ask questions about being LGBTQ+ or about allyship.

What do I get out of Straight Talks?

 Support Penn State's LGBTQ+ community. Get involved in a university social justice education initiative. Increase your public speaking skill set. Panelists are in a unique position to educate and develop other Penn State students' perspectives on LGBTQ+ identities. 

What's the time commitment?

 A typical Straight Talk is a 50 - 90 minute commitment. Panelists sign up for the number of Straight Talks that fit their schedules. You may do as few as one talk per a semester or as many as fit your schedule. In the fall term, there are usually between 40 - 60 available Straight Talks. 


101 Boucke Building | 814.863.1248 | Contact the LGBTQA Student Resource Center