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LGBTQA Student Groups

There are several opportunities to get involved in the LGBTQ community through student groups. The following is a list of active student groups and their contact information.



LGBTQA Student Resource Center

Student Group Contacts


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Ally House

Ally House provides an open, safe, and inclusive living environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and ally students, as well as others beyond the sexuality and gender binary. Ally House fosters a community dedicated to knowledge and understanding of sexuality and gender issues. Student programs and academic opportunities support these goals.

Instagram: @psuallyhouse

Luke Romano

Coalition of LGBTQA Graduate Students

The Coalition of LGBTQA Graduate Students offers a safe space for LGBTQ Graduate Students and Allies to come together and socialize, do social justice advocacy work, and explore all that Penn State and State College have to offer graduate students.

Ismaiel Szink

LGBTA Student Roundtable

The LGBTA Student Roundtable provides students with opportunities for leadership development, activism, and social outreach. We bring the Penn State LGBTQA community and organizations together to coordinate planning of major events, media outreach, and to keep all the organizations and their members aware of LGBTQA related events, meetings, and activities on campus.

Brooke Mitchell

Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

oSTEM is a non-profit student organization geared to influence the academic and professional progress and development of LGBTQ students & youth in the field of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. In addition, we focus our efforts in educating, increasing and retaining acceptance, tolerance and enrollment in such professions.

Twitter: @oSTEMPennState

Ian Wasserman

Out & Allies in Business

Out & Allies in Business is a Penn State organization serving students in the LGBTQA community. The group's mission is to promote an inclusive environment within the Smeal College of Business and to advocate for LGBTQA-friendly employers who are hoping to increase diversity and inclusion in their own professional environments. We focus heavily on the professional development of students and work to connect our members with employers seeking diverse candidates.

Colin Patrick Wood


OutLaw is an inclusive community for LGBTQA students and their allies meant to foster a safe and welcoming environment for those people pursuing legal degrees at Penn State Law.  OutLaw strives to create an educational forum for students to embrace acceptance and inclusion despite our diverse backgrounds. Each year we seek to find new ways to inform group members and the student legal body about the legal issues faced by LGBTQA individuals and lawyers.  Alongside group outings and fund raisers, including the annual Drag Show, OutLaw works to connect members, identifiers and allies alike, with employers through Lavender Law.

Cory Stewart

Queer and Transgender People Of Color

This organization primarily serves as a safe space for queer and trans people of color at Penn State to unite and have their voices heard through discussion and activism. QTPOC general body meetings will be held on Sundays from 3-4pm in 26 Burrows Building.

Twitter: @qtpoc_psu

Instagram: @qtpoc_psu

Yasmin Jones

Queer Student Coalition

Queer Student Coalition is a political action organization dedicated to providing a safe environment for members of the Queer and Allied Community, engaging in social and political discourse regarding current issues, and partaking in change-inspiring activism.

Victoria Moncur

Receiving with Thanksgiving

Receiving with Thanksgiving is a unique space for LGBTQ and ally Christians to celebrate God together in the Centre County region. We are particularly thrilled to be starting services, bible studies, and group outings.

Logain Paiste

Students for Cultivating Change

The Students for Cultivating Change provides a safe, inclusive network for students interested in agricultural sciences who are in the LGBTQA community. Focusing our efforts in education, community, and increasing awareness, we also strive to promote inclusion and visibility for LGBTQA individuals within the College of Agricultural Sciences and larger Penn State community.

Twitter: @cultivating_psu

Instagram: @cultivating_psu

Kurtis Miller


101 Boucke Building | 814.863.1248 | Contact the LGBTQA Student Resource Center