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Off-Campus Living Classifieds

How do I create a post in the OCL Online Classifieds?

You may create a post by using the "Online Classifieds" item in the horizontal menu at the top of the page.

If you do not have a Penn State user id, you will first need to create a "Friends of Penn State" account, which can be done at: Then, locate the appropriate category for your post. Finally, log into the site using your Penn State Access Account or Friends of Penn State user id and password to create the post.

The Office of Off-Campus Living screens all posts before displaying them to the public. Your completed listing will be reviewed, and if your post is approved, it will be displayed on the OCL web site until the end date that you specified. Once the time period expires, your entry will be deleted.

You may renew a listing after it expires but your listing will be reviewed before posting.

Where are the Online Classifieds?

The Online Classifieds are divided into categories for easy viewing and searching. Click here to view them.

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