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Scam Alert - Fake Cashiers Checks

Be advised that there is a scam which works as follows:
You receive via email a request from a potential renter to lease your property (sight unseen). The "potential renter" then sends you a cashier check for more money than what is actually owed to you. The cashier check that you received is FAKE. The "potential renter" then advises you to cash the check and send them a refund, either by a wire transfer to their bank or cashier check. In other words, THEY GIVE YOU FAKE CASHIERS CHECKS AND WANT YOU TO WIRE TRANSFER YOUR GOOD MONEY TO THEM. By the time your deposit comes back, they have disappeared with your good money.

Note: Often times banks will at first cash the cashier check and it is not until later that the bank informs you that the cashier check was FAKE. Following are suggestions that will help prevent you from being a victim of this scam:

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