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Co-Curricular Learning

Residence Life plays an essential role in the education of Penn State students. Specifically, we connect their in-class academic experiences to their experiences in the residence halls. We accomplish this by partnering closely with faculty and staff from across the University to create an integrated experience. Futhermore, we have established an Educational Priority that outlines our commitment to facilitating learning beyond the classroom. Our Educational Priority is built on the principles of "Respect and Responsibility".

Educational Priority

Our Educational Priority is to enable residents to develop respect and responsibility for themselves and their communities. We strive to create dynamic learning communities where students have the opportunity to explore their identities and system of beliefs, connect their experiences alongside those of others and build the skills necessary to become involved members of the Penn State community and society at large.

Learning Goals

Learning goals define the broad areas in which students who live on campus will grow and develop as students and are as follows:

Personal Respect and Responsibility

Personal respect and responsibility is building an understanding of who you are and how this informs the choices that you make. It is also taking ownership of your actions, accepting the consequences that come from those actions and understanding that what you do impacts those around you. After living on campus, residents will be able to:

Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes have been established and serve as the framework for the programs and initiatives we provide in the residence halls. After living in the residence halls, students will:

Inclusive Language and Action

Conflict Resolution

Community Standards

Bystander Intervention

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