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Prejudice Free Zone/Ally Program

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The purpose of the Office of Residence Life's Prejudice Free Zone (PFZ) Ally Program is to foster an atmosphere of acceptance and assist in building inclusive communities within the residence halls at Penn State University. The goal of the program is to build a visual representation and network of allies within the residence hall community that students can use as resources and systems of support as we strive to create communities free of hate, intolerance, and discrimination. Participants of the program will each receive one of our Prejudice Free Zone decals to display on their room doors or windows so others within the community know that they serve as allies within the residence halls.

Learning Outcomes

The Prejudice Free Zone Ally Program is a partial day program where participants will:

The Prejudice Free Zone Ally Program participants proudly display their placards and decals so that other members of the community can easily identify them as an ally and a valuable campus resource. The placard and decal is a visible sign that informs members of the residence hall community that these individuals have chosen to educate themselves about diversity and social justice, and are actively contributing in the creation of an inclusive environment.

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