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Assignment of Roommates FAQ

  1. How do I request a particular roommate on my housing contract?
    On your contract, you will need to clearly list both the name and student ID number of your roommate choice. It is important that they do the same thing on their contract with your name and student ID number. If your roommate selection is the most important aspect of your room selection choice, be sure to choose "roommate" as your number one preference.
  2. What if I do not select a particular person as a roommate?
    Staff at the Assignment Office for Campus Residences will assign you a roommate. The criteria used for selection are semester standing and major. An attempt is made to match first year students with first year students.

  3. Is there a survey where students fill out personal information used to match roommates?

    No, Penn State does not do any kind of roommate survey prior to assigning students to rooms. Often, students' preferences change when they get to college. For example, a student may say they are a morning person, but when they don't have a class until noon they may choose to sleep in more frequently. Roommates are assigned based upon semester standing and major.

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