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Community Standards Sanctions

Community Standards Sanctions

Sanctions can be administrative or educational in nature. In some cases, both types of sanctions will be assigned to a student.

Administrative Sanctions:

Verbal Warning:

A verbal acknowledgement that community standards and/or expectations have been disregarded.

Letter of Concern:

A written acknowledgement that community standards and/or expectations have been disregarded.

Contract Review:

Contract Review is implemented when a student has either seriously breached a community standard or has repeatedly engaged in inappropriate behavior. This initiative is for a specified period with the understanding that any further breach of community standards during the time specified may result in an extension of the contract review or termination of a student's residence hall contract.

Change of Room Assignment:

Student is moved from current room assignment to another residence hall location. This may be a temporary or permanent change of assignment.


Restitution refers to requiring a student to pay for damages or misappropriation of property. In the case of damage, destruction, defacement, theft, or unauthorized use of property, restitution to the University or the individual affected may be required through financial payment or community service. Failure to make restitution may lead to an additional sanction.

Loss of Privilege:

Loss of privilege refers to the withdrawal of the use of a service, participation in an activity, or other withdrawal of privileges consistent with the inappropriate behavior.

Administrative Directive:

Refers to a behavior act or obligation a student must fulfill or abide by for a specific period of time. An example of this may be requiring a student to not initiate contact with a particular individual or individuals in person, by telephone, electronic mail, voice mail, in writing, by friends on his or her behalf, or by any other means. Disregarding a directive from a University Official will result in a more severe sanction.

Interim Residence Hall Contract Suspension, Cancellation, or Reassignment:

This sanction requires a student to immediately leave the residence hall community or move to a temporary new room assignment for a specific period of time pending other administrative action or medical evaluation. Any student who disregards an interim Residence Hall Contract Suspension, Cancellation, or Reassignment may be subject to indefinite contract termination and/or other University Judicial action. This sanction will be implemented for one or more of the following reasons:

To ensure the safety and well being of members of the residence hall community
To ensure the student's own physical or emotional safety and well being
To ensure normal operation of the residence hall community

Contract Termination:

Refers to a student being separated from the University housing program by revoking a student's residence hall contract. The housing contract may be terminated temporarily or permanently.

Educational Sanctions:

Educational Initiative:

To require the participation of a student in the creation and/or implementation of an educational sanction. Educational initiatives are related to specific behavior, which is of concern to the residence hall community.

Examples include:

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