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Planning an Event

Serving Food

Room Rental Rates

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General Information

Our facilities can accommodate a variety of groups and functions with a multitude of spaces to suit diverse needs, such as worship services, meetings, programs, conferences, recitals, seminars, etc. Our largest space can hold 750 people.

We look forward to talking with you about your needs. When planning your next event, contact us at:

Center for Spiritual & Ethical Development (CSED)

The Pasquerilla Spiritual Center-Eisenhower Chapel
Phone: (814) 865-6548
Fax: (814) 863-7251

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Planning an Event at the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center

When to Make a Reservation

Please contact CSED to discuss your needs. Depending on the nature of the event, reservations for space may be made up to two years in advance. Please note that worship services take precedence over other events.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If Penn State Recognized Student Groups are requesting UPAC funding for an event, you must first contact the Program Registration Office in 125-A HUB-Robeson Center for funding approval before scheduling space for an event.

How to Reserve Space

To reserve a space in The Pasquerilla Spiritual Center, please visit the online reservations page.

Please note: To schedule space in The Pasquerilla Spiritual Center, the HUB-Robeson Center, Paul Robeson Cultural Center, or classrooms, you will need to create an account in CollegeNet. Click the link to the registrar page for more information about using CollegeNet.

You will need the following information for your reservation:

Event Contracts

Whether you are a Penn State Recognized student Organization, University Department, or Public entity holding an event in the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center/Eisenhower Chapel, if you/your group intend to bring in guests who are not Penn State students/employees. Penn State requires that you/your group complete a contract (i.e. Speaker; Master Agreement; Vendor; Disc Jockey; or Lighting, Stage and/or Sound) through the Center for Spiritual and Ethical Development.

Contract requirements include paid and non-paid visitors. Contracts may also take longer for student groups when UPAC funding is involved and/or ASA approval is needed.

Religious/Spiritual groups may be exempt from the completion of a Speaker contract. Groups who bring in their Bishop, another priest, someone from a synod, or any other religious/spiritual leaders associated with their local or national organization who provide financial support for their student organization will not be required to complete the Speaker contract unless the religious/spiritual student organization is paying for travel, lodging, food, etc. Please contact CSED staff prior to the event to discuss whether or not this exemption applies to your event.

Types of Contracts / Agreements


Confirmation Process

Once your request has been approved, you will receive a confirmation from CSED staff via email. The confirmation will show reservation status of "confirmed" or "tentative." The person who initiated the request is responsible for reviewing and verifying the confirmation for any special, additional notes from CSED staff. If the status of your request is tentative, you will need to email CSED with requirements for set up, audio/visual, special permission, and any additional needs (i.e., extension cords, easels, flip charts, etc.). For reservation conflicts, CSED staff will follow up with the room requestor to identify or discuss other potential options.

After your reservation has been made, CSED will send you a confirmation via email. You will not receive confirmation until we have all of the necessary set-up information. If CSED does do not receive the confirmed details of your event by the date indicated on your reservation, preferably one-week prior to the event, your space could be cancelled and booked to another organization.

Internet & Video Projection Needs

Special arrangements for internet connections and computer connections to video projectors must be made 2 weeks prior to the event to ensure that ample time is available to connect, configure, and test equipment. Special set-up arrangements may not be available on the day of your event. CSED reserves the right to refuse the request. Please see the Rental Rates section below for a list of available AV equipment and rates. Please note: no teleconferencing available.

Cancellations or Charges

If you need to alter or cancel your reservations, the room requestor who initiated the request is responsible for making those changes and/or cancelling the reservation. Please note: Changes or cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will result in charges.

Day of the Event

On the day of your event, come to the CSED office and introduce yourself to the staff. We can then make sure that the room is unlocked and you have what you need. We value you and want to facilitate your plans for a successful event in the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center-Eisenhower Chapel. The success of your event depends on both of us.

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Serving Food

When planning programs and other events where food may be served on campus, student organizations must request approval to do so. Approval to conduct these activities must be obtained in advance through the CSED office two weeks prior to the event. Food can only be brought to the facilities to serve in accordance with University Policy AD26.


Because of the ongoing concern regarding the safe and proper handling of food products, food served at events will be limited to:

Internal Food Services Provider

At University Park, student organizations can contact Campus Catering to provide on-campus catering support. Campus Catering will work with each student group to determine the most effective way to coordinate an activity where food is being served. Individual recipes will be considered, and students will be able to assist in the preparation and serving of the food.

External Food Services Provider

If the preparation and serving of food is not done by University food service departments, the University will require adequate insurance from the contracted provider. The Risk Management Office has established insurance standards and is to be contacted in advance of the function so they may determine if the contracted provider meets all requirements.

NOTE: Risk Management maintains a current listing of all approved caterers that might provide services to the University at any location.

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Room Rental Rates

The cost of renting the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center facilities for your student organization, university department, or non-university event is determined by its affiliation with the university. Determine which of the following categories best describes your organization or group in order to find the appropriate rental rates:

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CSED Floor Plans

See where our meeting rooms are located as you view the floor plans of the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center-Eisenhower Chapel.

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Equipment Rental Rates

Here is a list of the facility's equipment and rental rates.


Equipment available for requests fees applicable:



Additional items available for use with no additional charge:

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Directions to University Park Campus

Please select the best choice of travel to University Park Campus from various routes Parking & Driving Directions

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