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Student Records Policy

Maintenance of Student Records

Student Educational Records, pertaining to student meetings with staff in the Office of Student and Family Services, are maintained by the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs as outlined below:

A. Health and Safety Records

Typically, a Student Health and Safety Record or "Care" record, is established when information regarding a student is received and maintained by Office of Student and Family Services or the Office of Residence Life.

Student records are maintained in both paper and electronic files. Student files contain pertinent information required for staff to manage student cases. Student files will be maintained by the Office of Student and Family Services for seven years after the graduation date of the student. This requirement effectively meets federal law requirements set forth by the Department of Education.

If a student transfers and graduates from another college or university, the Office of Student and Family Services will destroy the health and safety record(s) seven (7) years after the date the student graduates from the other institution. In cases of transfer and graduation from another institution, a student must verify his or her graduation by providing a transcript and/or other acceptable proof. If a student is involved in litigation with the University, the student record may remain on file permanently in University Archives.

B. Student Access to Records

Accessibility to Student Disciplinary Records follows the University Policy on Confidentiality of Student Records. In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), a student has the right to inspect and review his/her educational record provided that he/she can be properly identified and provided that the original student record is not removed from the office. Most requests for access to student records are processed within two (2) business days. However, some requests may take longer to process. Student and Family Services must respond to a request for access to records within a reasonable time, but no later than 45 days after the receipt of the request.

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